June 13, 2024

Fishing trays and cutting boards

Ever wonder why someone would pay nearly five times as much for a cooler as the kind you can buy at your corner convenience store? If your cooler has survived 60 minutes with a bear, you don’t wonder. Your initial adventure into the Atchafalaya basin and swamp area was meant to be a peaceful experience, but your inexperience created a little more excitement than you planned for. Luckily, you were spending the night in the motel room when the big excitement occurred. You had emptied the camo cooler of the crayfish, turtle and catfish that you had trapped and caught during your swamp adventure tour, but there must have still been something that attracted the Louisiana black bear to the bed of your pick up truck while you slept. The commotion woke you and the motel front door light startled the bear and it abandoned the upturned cooler and the trash that now littered your open truck bed.
“If you’re going to spend money, spend it on your boat, your motor, and your cooler. Everything else is an extravagance when you’re making your living in the swamp.” Who would have thought the Cajun swamp tradition that the guide joked about was actually true. But, dang, that cooler that the Patterson, Louisiana native talked you into was worth the money. It also let you know that your future camping days would be as far away from crocodiles and bears as possible.
Once you were back at home in Arizona you did a little more research to see how unusual the bear escapade had been. Turns out bears have a sense of smell that is at least seven times greater than that of a dog. And real outdoor enthusiasts really are willing to pay more money for a bear safe camo cooler. Of course, the camo design is optional.
Camping, especially without bears, is a popular and affordable family vacation option for many families. While the average family vacation can cost as much as $1,500, a camping trip for the same amount of time can cost less than $400. Obviously, family trips do not take place in the Louisiana swamps of Atchafalaya, but quality and sturdy camping materials can keep your family more safe and comfortable on their next outdoor adventure.
Whether you are looking for a camo cooler for your next hunting adventure, or a more tame tailgating cooler for the next football game, your product selection can range from the cheap convenience store variety to the more serious and long lasting best coolers for fishing and hunting. Stay away from those bears though!

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