June 13, 2024
  • A for Air
    1. Get a pressure gauge to check proper pressure of tires
    2. Check whether tires are damaged or not. If they are damaged, replace them.
    3. Maintain tire pressure as per the listed pressure guideline on cycles.
  • B for Brakes
    1. Make sure that pads are properly adjusted otherwise they will rub the tires.
    2. Check your brakes and notice their functioning abilities.
    3. Replace defected brake with immediate effect.
  • C is for Chain and Cranks
    1. Pull off cranks from your bike and tight all the bolts.
    2. Check your chain. Is it free from rust and gunk?
  • Check other accessories
    1. Check out the other accessories of your bike and see how they are functioning.
  • Helmet
    1. Use helmet of right size.
    2. Shake your head to assess the helmet adjustment.
    3. Helmet should be above your eyebrows
  • What to wear
    1. Helmet
    2. Sun glasses
    3. T-shirt/Jersey
    4. Joggers
    5. Gloves in rain
    6. Layers in cold weather
    7. Bike shorts
  • Bike Comfort
    1. Your bike must comply with your body size
    2. Seat must not be tilted more than 5 degrees up and down
    3. Adjust seat according to your height
    4. Make your that handle is tight and rightly angleds
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