June 14, 2024


In today’s society, only 77% of Americans partake in outdoor recreation. Although a lot of Americans are happily outdoors getting their exercise and entertainment in, some are still looking for that extra bit of adventure. Many people want to dive into nature and experience it head on. Along with that, many want to just experience new things to scratch it off their bucket lists. So, what is an exciting activity that not too many people have gotten themselves involved in?

Whitewater rafting truly isn’t appreciated in today’s world. A whopping 28% of Americans plan to or already participate in whitewater rafting. Rafting trips are something fun for the entire family, especially along the Grand Canyon and Colorado river. There are several Grand Canyon travel packages that could accommodate any family, and help their trip become special.

When planning rafting trips, it’s important to research all of the information regarding where you’ll be taking this trip. The weather, camping spots, wildlife, river conditions and more. You don’t want to go on this trip not equipped with the necessary tools.

When taking a trip to the Grand Canyon, you’ll never know what the weather will actually be like. Packing several variations of clothing is a must, including a windbreaker, sweater, rain coat, swimsuit, jeans, and shorts. You’ll be equipped for any kind of climate or weather change while on the trip. Some Grand Canyon rafting companies take care of where you’ll be camping during your rafting trip. This gesture brings you close to your family during the trip, allowing you all to experience the beauty of the canyon and river. You can expect to see a range of wildlife in the Grand Canyon. Animals from mountain lions to squirrels, to bald eagles and coyotes. The canyon is these animals’ home, so if you do see them, be sure to keep your distance.

The Colorado river truly is remarkable and has been for quite some time. Studies suggest that the river broke out of the west end of the canyon around five million years ago. This river runs over 1,400 miles through several states and the Grand Canyon. It’s a great river to raft through, and has been a popular site for rafting for quite some time. However, this river isn’t the best swimming spot. At only 42 degrees year round, it’s probably better to say aboard your raft.

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