June 13, 2024

Things to Remember When Shopping for A Cooler

Heavy duty coolers

When was the last time that you were out on a boat or at a campground having a great time only to reach into the cooler and realize that everything you packed earlier is no longer cold? To so many people this happens all too often. The only way to remedy this situation is to make sure you get analyze all the cooler brands and make sure you are getting the best of all the heavy duty coolers around. Here are a few things to make sure and look for:

1. Insulated – Over 24% of campers ages 18-34 purchased a cooler in the last twelve months they did so for one reason: they need to keep items cold at the campsite. Keeping things cold is the main goal of the cooler, but with some brands out there you wouldn’t know it! Whether you are looking for a small backpack cooler or something much bigger like fishing coolers you will always want to make sure they are well insulated. Check to make sure that the cooler you purchase not only maintains cold temperatures, but that it also repels the heat of the sun.

2. Bear-Proof – Did you know that in 2012 ultram best buy there were 38 million Americans who went camping? That is a huge number! Not all campsites are vulnerable to wild animals, but many are. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you have a cooler that is capable of handling whatever comes at it – even a bear! Usually, products are called “bear-proof” if they can survive over 1 hour of contact time with a bear. If a bear did decide to rummage around in your campsite I bet you’d be glad you had a bear-proof cooler!

3. Easy to Carry – One feature of the cooler that often gets overlooked is how easy or difficult it is to carry. Sure, lots of coolers these days have wheels, but sometimes those aren’t feasible for certain situations. When choosing a cooler remember to take a look at the straps and handles that are available. The last thing you need is to be walking to a campsite or boat dock and have a hard time holding on to the cooler.

No matter what sort of cooler you are in the market for, remember to make sure that it is insulated, bear-proof, and easy to carry. You’ll be glad you did!

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