July 17, 2024

How Fly Fishing Reels Can Help You Reconnect With Nature and Spirituality

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In today’s modern world, Americans are literally plugged into their devices at all times. From setting the alarm on their smartphones to wake them up in the morning, to catching up on their favorite celebrity gossip news app during their humdrum morning commute to work, to working all day at a computer, to coming home and unwinding to Netflix, Americans are constantly engaging and interfacing with technology.

But at what cost? How is this constant interaction with digital devices impacting cognitive ability and mental development? How is it affecting relationships and they way we communicate? Most importantly, how is it affecting health?

Unsurprisingly, being plugged in all the time actually leaves American minds pretty checked out. In fact, cases of mental disorders such as ADD and ADHD among children continue to climb year after year after year. In addition, diagnoses for anxiety and depression are higher than they ever been and continue to steadily climb.

So what’s the best way to give your mind a break? It’s surprisingly simple. Unplug and reconnect with nature. A hobby such as fishing is perfect because it involves immersing yourself in the great outdoors while doing a physical activity. The sport of fishing requires a great deal of patience, mindfulness, and stillness, which many people find to be quite meditative and therapeutic.

But don’t let fly fishing equipment such as fly fishing reels and wader boots intimidate you and prevent you from getting involved in the sport. Sure, fly fishing reels can seem a little complicated but like hunting, fishing is less about catching your prize and more about giving in to Nature and Her laws. The best fly fishing reels may or may not help you get the fish of your dreams, but it’s state of mind of the person that casts it that really matters.

So the next time you’re feeling down or a little to frazzled from the chaos around you, remember to stop and breathe and start taking steps toward getting back into nature.

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