April 14, 2024

Three Ways Camping Supplies Can Bring Your Family Together

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Most families try to organize at least one vacation during the year, but what benefits are they really getting out of it? Obviously going to a beach resort or on a cruise can be fun experiences, but with everything going on there is little time left for bonding with the rest of the family.

One type of vacation that can offer both new and unique experiences, as well as the ability to spend some personal time with the family, is a classic camping trip. In general, the popularity of camping has been steadily increasing in recent years, with around 3 million more Americans having attended a camping trip in 2012 than in 2010.

So what makes camping such an attractive family vacation? Multiple reasons:

  1. No devices: Younger generations spend hours everyday staring at different screens. Between cell phones, computers, and televisions, there is virtually always a media device within viewing distance. When camping, they will have no choice but to put down their tablets in place for some camping supplies if they want to go hiking or swimming. Not to mention that they will be lucky to even get cell service at a campsite.
  2. Exercise: Childhood ultram pied a terre online obesity has been a growing problem, likely encouraged through the sedentary lifestyle that technology allows. A camping trip can be the ideal opportunity to replace some of that technology for hiking gear and adventure clothing. With the exception of roasting marshmallows, the majority of other camping activities involve some form of physical exertion.

    For example, the American Council on Exercise found that an individual who weighs around 125 pounds can burn as many as 283 calories per hour from paddling a kayak. Some camping supplies and adventure gear can get your children up and running again.
  3. Communication: Around 70% of all trips are taken with friends as a way to reconnect with old acquaintances and reminisce about old times. When it comes to camping, this is amplified considering they will be substantially cut off from the outside world. This can be great for families and parents to have some time to really sit down and communicate with each other.

Before you book an expensive hotel, put together a camping checklist and consider spending that money on a tent and some camping supplies instead. It could be the family vacation you’ve bee looking for.

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