July 17, 2024

Do You Live Close to the Ocean or Other Navigable Body of Water? Now’s the Time to Check Out a Few Boats for Sale

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Did you know that it takes about an hour for most people living within the United States to reach a navigable body of water? Roughly 95% of the population lives just within an hour’s drive of the ocean, rivers, and lakes. There are,of course, other bodies of water where Americans love to spend time boating or engaged in other water-based recreational activities.

Most of the boats within the United States are less than 26 feet long. This makes them easier to hook up to a trailer so they can be towed by a vehicle to a local waterway. While 95% of the powerboats, personal watercraft, and sailboats are small enough to be towed by a car or van, other Americans keep their larger boats docked at harbors or stored in boat yards around the country.

Were you aware that the United States builds a considerable number of boats? In fact, 95% of the boats that are sold in this country are actually built here. If you’re looking for boat tramadol vs ultram online dealers, there’s a good chance that you want one that proudly bears the stamp: “Made in America.” Whether you want to locate new or used Arctic Cats or pontoon boats for sale, there’s not much that compares to taking them out on the water.

If you’re looking for boat dealers that sell pontoon boats, for example, these can hold a maximum of 11 people at a time. Pontoon boats, on average, come with a 115 horse power engine. Given this, these boats can attain 22 miles per hour even when they’re at maximum capacity. When there’s just one person riding aboard a pontoon boat, however, they can reach up to 31 miles per hour. This speed also depends on whether or not the water conditions are ideal.

Are you looking at new powerboats? You may be interested to know that sales are up for these popular water vehicles. Past projections indicated that sales would increase between six and seven percent during 2016. Boat sales, along with marine products and services, did increase by three percent in 2016. The country’s annual sales actually reached $37 billion at that time. Throughout 2018, this trend is expected to continue.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing your first boat or adding to your collection, now’s the time to check out a few boat dealers. Even though the current weather may be a bit unpredictable at times, spring and summer are just around the corner. Just imagine how great it will feel to be out on the water with friends and family. Or, if you prefer, you can enjoy going solo.

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