May 20, 2024

Customer Loyalty Deserves To Be Rewarded Here’s Why Your Business Should Establish A Loyalty Program

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How do you use social engagement to fuel your business?

This isn’t a question of basic digital marketing strategies or even social media know-how. This is about being as creative as possible when it comes to encouraging your repeat customers to stick around for the long haul. Data analytics have boasted some interesting figures when it comes to social engagement tactics these past few years and the name of the game…is a game! Loyalty programs have been found to fare better when they add a bit of fun to the package, enticing customers to get involved through contests and mobile games.

How often do you play a game to work off a little steam? Even if they’re not your thing, it’s more than likely you know someone who can’t get enough of their favorite of the week. App games are affordable and download quickly, helping you fill up the time while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office while keeping your mind sharp. The same logic undercuts the function of social engagement, with many businesses prioritizing their loyalty programs with the aid of fun, accessible games. Studies have shown an impressive 70% of people have played an online game, with a significant chunk investing multiple hours per week.

How does this translate to sales figures, though? Look no further than the function of a repeat customer. A customer that approaches your business of their own merit saves you money on outreach programs and digital marketing, but only if you give them a reason to stick around in the first place. A loyalty program rewards people for staying around by offering them small to major benefits, ranging from limited time only discounts to business points that earns them more products. A business that doesn’t have one in place should make 2018 the year they completely overhaul their approach.

Constant social engagement is key to making sure your business is equipped with a loyal customer base year-round. Without it you run the risk of slipping into obscurity and losing money. A great way to do this is establishing contests. Not only will a good prize offer people incentive to get involved, the time frame in which you present it can lead to a surge in new visitors. Studies have shown the ideal duration for an online contest is anywhere between 25 to 60 days. This ensures both newcomers and repeat customers have enough time to get invested while still building anticipation for a limited-time event.

What about the games you install? According to recent studies, gamification strategies can lead to an impressive 100% and sometimes 150% increase in your brand engagement metrics. Pairing this alongside an active social media account or blog helps communicate to customers you don’t just want their attention, you want their interaction. According to a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner over 90% of marketers stated social media is very important to their business model.

Generating leads and encouraging a steady stream of traffic is at the forefront of every business’s mind. Hubspot’s recent State Of Inbound report saw over 60% of the 4,500 marketing and sales professionals felt generating traffic was their biggest challenge yet. You need to spend money to make money, as the saying goes, and social engagement is a gift that keeps giving if you do it right. Social fantasy games keep people having fun and limited-edition contests drive incentive to get involved as soon as possible. Digital marketing can only get better from here.

How are you going to reward customer loyalty this year?

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