April 21, 2024

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Flooring?

Marine carpet replacement

Nearly 87 million adults today participate in recreational boating. The annual cost of boat usage and maintenance will on average run about 10% of the boat’s purchase price. Depending on the state the boat is in when purchased, it might be necessary to figure in the cost of refurbishing the flooring. Here’s how to choose the best flooring for your boat.

Follow These Steps to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Boat.

When choosing a good flooring, it is important to first consider what the boat is used for most frequently. Then, consider how often you would be willing to replace the flooring if it were to become worn down. Finally, cost is always a major consideration in any purchasing decision. Just remember that boat flooring is not as permanent a decision as the flooring for, say a restaurant or a house. In other words, this is supposed to be a fun decision-making process.

The cost of the flooring is not just the upfront cost. You must also consider any maintenance costs. Will the flooring be cheaper up front then other options, but need to be replaced sooner? Take the extra time to answer these questions to make the best choice.

Determining Your Boating Needs.

The type of flooring one chooses for their boat depends on what type of recreation that boat typically sees. For example, a boat that is mainly used for fishing would not be a suitable place for fine carpeting, and the reasons are obvious. Carpet is better suited to boats that don’t require a daily scrub down after activities. Choose a material appropriate for your recreational activities.

In the case of a fishing boat, you would want a material that cleans easily. Eva flooring tiles might seem like a good idea, however they are also unsuitable. What a fishing boat needs is good drainage, which can be found with rubber drainage mats. Boat flooring is a simple project, once you figure out what would work best.

Deciding On the Level of Durability Needed.

Flooring can come in rolls or tiles. Drainage tiles, EVA flooring, and snap in boat carpet tiles are relatively easy to install. Rubber flooring and vinyl rolls can be placed down without a professional, however it is a good idea to have some help. It is not an easy one-person job.

The right flooring will preferably be resistant to the sun’s rays. If not, prolonged exposure to sunlight will break down the material. If your boat needs to handle heavy use, then a flooring material such as vinyl is better than rubber. Do a side-by-side comparison of your top two choices if you’re having trouble choosing.

Consider What the Final Cost Will Be.

Cost is always a deciding factor in any purchasing decision, however it should never be the only deciding factor. It is wise to go with the choice that one can afford. This may take different forms. Perhaps you would prefer to have nice carpeting put in for your boat, but the price is out of your budget right now. Something less expensive, such as EVA flooring, might be a suitable holdover until that new boat carpet is within budget.

Choose a boat flooring based on cost, maintenance, durability, and suitability. Remember that it is okay to change your mind down the road. Perhaps it’s been 10 years, and you find that your boat’s EVA flooring is looking worse for wear. It’s less than a morning’s work to replace them. Just don’t be afraid to make a change that makes your boating experience more comfortable.

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