July 24, 2024

All-terrain vehicles are a favorite luxury for Americans—over 40,000 ATVs were sold in just three months in the nation in 2017. Of all the ATVs you can choose, snowmobiles are a popular choice for many who are contemplating the purchase of a recreational ATV, but there may be several reasons why you’re reluctant to bring that new sled home: maybe you’re worried it’ll become a lawn ornament all year long, or perhaps you have many safety concerns you want addressed. Whatever questions you have as a potential future snowmobiling enthusiast, here are the answers ATV dealers have to some of your why-nots.

Is Snowmobiling a Waste of Money?

Arctic Cat dealers: The snowmobiling industry has substantial impacts on the US economy; it generates $26 billion worth of revenue for the nation annually, which is more than Canada, Europe and Russia combined. The market for these ATVs is healthy and strong, with over one million registered snowmobiles in the US. These numbers show that Americans’ interest in snowmobiling has withstood the test of time, and riding these ATVs continues to prove itself as one of our favorite hobbies.

You will have no trouble finding professional, knowledgeable snowmobile dealers who can find the right snow boat for sale for your budget. The age, brand and added features of the machine will all serve a role in choosing the right snowmobile for you.

How do I Keep Myself Safe on a Snowmobile?

Arctic Cat dealers: Dealers have the details on all things snowmobile equipment, which can play a vital role in an emergency situation. First and foremost, make sure your snowmobile riders are decked out in the proper gear. Multiple layers of warm clothing are essential when you hit the trails; even if you feel like you’re dressed too warm, layers can be removed to adjust to changing weather conditions.

Windproof, windproof, windproof. When you are thinking of the most important features of your snowmobiling helmet, you probably have already considered size, condition, quality and safety certifications, but windproofing the whole outer layer of your sledding getup—including the helmet—is important. Especially in the American areas that get a lot of snow and cold temperatures, Arctic Cat dealers in Michigan urge safe dressing.

Snowmobile safety goes beyond your personal gear, however. When you’ve spied a suitable snowmobile for sale, ask the ATV dealer about the manufacturer’s tool kit. The tool kit should contain enough to allow you to make basic repairs should your sled break down on a trail, including a spare belt and spark plugs, a tow rope, extra hardware and duct tape.

Do I Need a Driver’s License to Operate My Snowmobile?

Arctic cat dealers: It depends. The requirements for legally operating a snowmobile varies by state. Some of the more common requirements include obtaining a special license for snowmobiling, successfully completing an ATV safety course, and reaching a certain age. Additionally, you may not be allowed to hop on your new ride until you’ve gotten it properly documented, including title and registration. Location-specific requirements can be obtained through your local snow boat dealers so that you spend less time stalling and more time sledding.

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