May 24, 2024

4 Important Types of Police Tactical Body Armor

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It’s important that law enforcement officers remain safe while on the job. Many of these officers wear tactical body armor in order to be defended from the many threats they are likely to face. Considering that, it’s important to know that certain pieces of police tactical gear are made to handle a wide variety of situations. You’ll want to ensure that your officers have the right type of protection for the type of resistance they might end up facing. With that in mind, here are the differences between four types of police tactical body armor.

  1. Stab Proof Body Armor

    Statistics show that armor vests have helped save the lives of over 3,000 police officers over the past 30 years. One popular type of body armor for law enforcement are those that protect the officer from being stabbed. Unfortunately, many officers can find themselves dealing with situations in which they will face a suspect that is carrying a knife. Stab proof body armor is made of materials that are designed to help block a knife from making contact with the skin of a police officer.
  2. Armor Protecting Against Edged Weapons

    While rarer than dealing with knives, there are times when a law enforcement officer risks facing someone with an edged weapon. These weapons are usually used to makes cuts rather than puncture wounds. Considering that, edged weapons might cut through material that is made to stop a stab wound from occurring. It’s important that your officers utilize police tactical gear that is made to stop the impact of any type of knife.
  3. Bulletproof Vests

    A major aspect of law enforcement safety is ensuring that these officers are protected from gunfire. Tactical body armor is often used to help stop or severely best ultram online reduce the impact of a bullet. In fact, statistics gathered from New York City found that 87 police officers in this location have been saved by body armor since 1978. It’s important to utilize the right type of tactical body armor due to the fact that certain types are made for certain kinds of ammunition. Sadly, 20% of law enforcement officers who have passed away from gunshot wound to the torso area died because the ammunition used was more powerful than the stopping ability of the body armor. Considering that, it’s always important to ensure that officers are wearing body armor that is able to protect them against the type of gunfire they will be facing.
  4. Body Armor Made for Multiple Threats

    Many law enforcement officers remain protected with what is known as body armor made for multiple threats. In many cases, these types of armor will make use of various materials in order to protect an officer against threats of various natures. For instance, certain pieces of multi threat body armor can protect an officer from situations where they are fighting against both cutting and stabbing attackers.

To summarize, there are several important types of tactical body armor utilized by law enforcement officers. Stab proof body armor is designed to protect law enforcement officers from certain types of attackers. However, not all attackers will use a knife in a stabbing motion. Therefore, officers might find themselves in need of protection from swiping attacks. Another major aspect of keeping officers protected involves them wearing bulletproof vests which protect police from bullets. Lastly, there are certain types of body armor that help officers deal with multiple types of threats including those coming from both guns and knives.

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