June 13, 2024

Rmj tactical accessories

Soon, American families will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day, a holiday steeped in traditions that celebrates the coming together and peace-making efforts of two diverse groups of people; Native Americans and European colonists. Though the origins of this day have sparked hated debates as just how peaceful the first Thanksgiving Day was, the contributions that Native Americans have made are truly undeniable.

Regarded as undomesticated infidels who lived without a Christian god, the Native Americans were regarded as wild, violent savages that needed to be “tamed” and taught the ways of the European. However, Native Americans were in fact an advanced, highly spiritual people. Their polytheistic Earth-based religions celebrated nature and its resources, only taking what was needed in order to survive. In today’s modern time, this practice is known as subsistence hunting, and is taking practiced the native Inuit and Eskimo people of Alaska.

In addition to sustainable hunting practices — which the Europeans were not familiar with, nearly decimating the entire population of wild buffalo, an animal which many native tribes considered sacred — Native Americans also taught colonists farming techniques. The first Thanksgiving dinner is said to commemorate one of the first successful harvests of European colonists, thanks to the help of Native Americans. However, that’s not all Native Americans have contributed.

The tomahawk axe, a hatchet-like tool, was used by Native Americans for a variety of purposes. Though most people are familiar with combat tomahawks and fighting tomahawks (both of which were used in times of war), hand forged tomahawks were actually multipurpose tools used for digging, chopping, rooting, and skinning animal hides. Outdoor enthusiasts still use modern tactical tomahawks for sale for these same purposes.

Fast forward to today, and modern tactical tomahawks for sale are often used be law enforcement officers and military personnel to execute a number of tasks, such as breaching, cutting, and breaking through tough barriers. In fact, tactical tomahawks for sales often come standard in the tool kits of many military personnel.

As we become increasingly reliant on technology, it’s ironic to reflect on how ancient tools are still relevant in today’s modern times.

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