May 20, 2024

Running gear

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to get out to the stores to get a head start on holiday shopping. Shopping for a runner? It can be hard to think of unique gift ideas for runners, and saving shopping for running gifts for the last minute often means you end up getting a boring gift card to a running store. To save yourself the stress, here are five unique gift ideas for runners that you can easily order online now to make things easier down the road:

  1. Jewelry for Runners – Every girl loves getting a new piece of jewelry, and for those who love to run, running jewelry is a great way to combine the two. Jewelry for runners comes in a variety of different types, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings. A nice way to personalize a piece of running jewelry is to have it engraved for a special race your friend has completed (after their first half or full marathon is a good idea).
  2. Running Gear – No runner can ever have enough running gear. From socks to running shorts, it’s always nice to have extras, especially since this means less laundry. If you want to branch out a bit, look for a unique color, pattern or design of running clothing to make things more interesting.
  3. Temporary Running Tattoos – Many people like to get a tattoo of something they are passionate about, but it’s nice to be able to see what it would look like before making a commitment. If you have a friend who has been considering a running tattoo, get them some temporary tattoos as a gift so they can test them out and see how they like them.
  4. Runners ID Bands – A lot of runners go on runs alone, and while this may give them some time to unwind, it can also be dangerous. ID bands are a great way to give runners and their friends and family peace of mind. These bands are personalized with a runner’s name, emergency contact information and important medical information. This way, if something were to happen to them while they were out running alone, emergency personal would know who to call and whether or not they have any allergies to medicine.
  5. Recovery Sandals – Feet get tired and sore after a long run, and it can take them a while to recover. Recovery sandals have massaging soles that stimulate circulation and blood flow in the feet to speed up the recovery process and reduce the soreness. These sandals are nice to slip on after a long, hard run.

From jewelry for runners and temporary tattoos to recovery sandals, there are a number of unique running gifts out there that any runner would love. If you’re stressing out this year about what to get a runner, keep this list in mind while you’re out holiday shopping.

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