July 24, 2024

3 Reasons a Beachfront Destination Wedding Might Be Right for You

Resorts for beach weddings

It’s true that some people dream of spending a year or more planning the perfect black-tie wedding extravaganza. But perhaps you’re one of the many people who is dreading the time and expense of this sort of wedding in your hometown. Fortunately, there’s an easy alternative: Beach destination weddings can offer you and your spouse-to-be a relaxed, personal and memorable experience that’s more in line with your personalities. Here are just a few reasons to consider heading to the coast for your upcoming wedding.

  1. Lower Stress

    Planning a wedding typically comes with quite a bit of stress that a destination wedding can avoid. You won’t need to squabble over the guest list and try to fit in all your distant relatives, for example. Instead, you can create a more intimate gathering with only your closest friends and family. (You may want to consider a closer beach if you want at least some friends to be able to come — Florida instead of Bermuda, for example.) If you’re really looking to cut down on planning stress, all inclusive beach weddings arranged through hotels can actually be extremely affordable. There are many wonderful resorts for beach weddings that can allow you to lounge with a drink in hand while someone else makes all the necessary preparations.

  2. Fewer Bills

    While it’s true you’ll end up paying for a plane ticket, in general, beach destination weddings are more affordable than a wedding in your hometown. Your venue will be less expensive (in most places beach parks still need to be reserved though, so don’t expect to just show up on the day!). And while you can choose to decorate more elaborately, even simple, affordable beach weddings are beautiful because of their natural surroundings. Many hotel wedding packages even include your honeymoon stay. You’ll probably be surprised at how luxurious your wedding feels, no matter your budget.

  3. Less Travel

    This may seem like a counterintuitive point, but one of the biggest advantages of beach destination weddings is that they cut down on honeymoon traveling. Instead of spending your first day or two as a married couple rushing through airports and getting crammed on planes, you can simply retire to one of the many beachfront hotel rooms probably within walking distance from your wedding site, sleep in the next morning and immediately start enjoying your vacation.

Do you have any tips on what can make beach destination weddings even more relaxing and special? Join the discussion in the comments!

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