May 20, 2024

Tactical throwing tomahawk

When most people think of a tomahawk, they envision the hatchet-like axe first created and used by Native American warriors and later by European colonists. Though tomahawk axes were powerful weapons, tactical tomahawk axes are versatile, multi-functional tools that can be used for a variety of different tasks besides combat.

Search and rescue

Tactical tomahawks are often used by elite law enforcement officers as well as military personnel for search and rescue operations. Even civilians buy hand forged tactical tomahawks for this very purpose to have on hand in case of emergency. Remember, hand forged tomahawks also have a hammer and spike in addition to a cutting blade. These additional tools prove vital in survival.

Breaching operations

Many firefighters, EMS personnel, as well as other first responders buy hand forged tactical tomahawks for the purpose of breaching and breaking down difficult obstacles such as doors and windows. The spiked end of tactical tomahawk is a perfect tool for this task, and can easily break through tough material.

Martial arts

Some tomahawks have even been designed specifically to be used in martial arts. Many martial artists buy hand forged tactical tomahawks and incorporate them into their martial art routines and work outs. In this scenario, these tomahawks are smaller and light weight, and are used to disarm opponents as a means of self defense. Though similar in shape and structure, tomahawks designed for use in the martial arts differ from tomahawks designed for tasks such as search and rescue or breaching. They are not meant for chopping or cutting, but rather as an extension of the martial artists’ body.

Tomahawks have come a long way since they were first used by Native Americans, however, not much has been done to improve upon the original design. Regardless of the task, you can feel confident that there is a tactical tomahawk out there to get the job done right!

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