April 21, 2024

Some Fun Facts About Spearfishing And What You’ll Need

Spearfishing aiming tips

Spearfishing history is ancient and has a lot of fun and interesting facts associated with it. Spearfishing history actually dates back to cave paintings and is one of the earliest recorded types of hunting.

Here are some interesting facts about the spearfishing industry:

  • Less than 1% of the global fish population are caught annually with spearfishing.
  • Spearfishing, along with sustainable fishing methods, allows for a recovery rate and promotes balance within the fish population — unlike industrial fishing.
  • Brad Neilson speared and caught a world record setting Marlin that weighs 581 pounds in 1999 off the coast of South Africa. That record has yet to be beat.
  • Shore divers usually dive between 16 feet and 83 feet deep, depending on where they are located.
  • Record dives deeper than 300 feet have been made using high-quality scuba gear, but the majority of divers do not reach anywhere near those depths.
  • The first diving crazy was in 1960 (Auguste Picard’s bathyscaphe) and descended to the deepest known part of the ocean at 35,000 feet.

If you’re ready to break into this exciting word, you’re going to need plenty of equipment. Here is everything you need for your first spearfishing adventure:

  • Speargun — Obviously no spearfishing attempt will be successful without a speargun — so you’ll need a quality speargun. You don’t need the most expensive speargun, however, especially in the beginning, so just find a less powerful gun at first.
  • Wetsuit — Though you don’t need a high-quality speargun for starting out, you will need a great wetsuit. You’ll need to stay warm throughout your trip and a great wetsuit is your best bet.
  • Fins — To complete your wetsuit, you’ll need fins that fit perfectly. Be sure to try on a few pairs to make sure they fit. Also, make sure you’re wearing booties while you try on the fins to get a more accurate feel.

If you want to learn more about spearfishing history, need proper training, or find spearfishing gear for beginners, contact a local fishing expert near you, and good luck!

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