April 14, 2024

Motorcycle goggles

Owning a bikeĀ helps to instill a sense of freedom in almost anyone. That being said, many people find that a motorcycle is a perfect vehicle for staying safe on the road. In fact, 78% of motorcycle owners use this device strictly on roads. Considering that, you’ll find that it’s essential to have the right set of tires for your motorcycle. While it might seem that purchasing a motorcycle tire set is simple enough, it’s important that you have tires that are made for the terrain you typically drive on. With that in mind, here are three ways to ensure that your motorcycle tires are in optimal condition.

    1. Ensure Tire Pressure is Kept Within Proper Range

      One of the most important to do to ensure your tires are ready for the road is to check the pressure of these objects. Failing to check pressure levels could mean having to visit a motorcycle supply shop in order to get new tires. Experts recommend checking the tire pressure on your motorcycle after a few hours of riding. If you notice that your tires have gained anything over 10% in terms of pressure during this ride, these tires are likely working too hard for their own good. Tire pressure can change wildly throughout the various seasons of the year. Considering that, temperature changes alter the properties of air inside of your motorcycle tire set. In turn, those who don’t ride often especially need to check tire pressure before leaving the driveway.


    1. Inspect Tires for Damage Before Riding

      When inspecting motorcycle tire sets, you’ll want to look for any signs of damage. Common signs of damage on motorcycle tires are any types of cracks, holes, knots and other signs of wear. It’s important to perform an inspection of your tires daily to ensure that they are ready for the road. In addition, it’s wise to check the balance of your bike every 500-1,000 miles. A motorcycle that isn’t balanced properly tends to place extra pressure on this device which can shorten the lifespan of your tire set.


  1. Be Aware of Weight Limits for Your Motorcycle

    Many people who own a motorcycle often find themselves unable to resist giving someone a ride. Considering that, it’s imperative that you know the weight guidelines of your tires. You’ll typically find how much weight a motorcycle can safely support within its manual. With that in mind, you can always remain aware of how many passengers could turn your motorcycle into a potential safety hazard for you and other drivers.

To summarize, there are several important safety tips to follow to help ensure your motorcycle tire set is in optimal condition. One of the most important tips in regards to the health of motorcycle tires to always monitor tire pressure levels. Riding with tires that don’t have enough pressure could sacrifice traction and control. On the other hand, motorcycles that are inflated with too much pressure risk popping which poses its own set of dangers. Don’t forget to always inspect the condition of your motorcycle tires for any signs of damage before leaving your home. It’s important that you remain aware of weight limits for your motorcycle. Riding with too much weight on a motorcycle can greatly damage this machine, especially its tires.

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