May 20, 2024

A number of sports are famous around the world, and they are easily identified with the unique equipment and balls used to play them, such as tennis racquets or soccer balls or golf clubs. Meanwhile, baseball and softball are hugely popular in North America and Japan, and these sports use distinct wooden and metal bats to play. Casual players and serious athletes alike need the best bats for their game, and they can be found through online catalogs and local sports supply retailers alike. But these bats can also be modified, or doctored, for enhanced performance. For example, a player can find rolled softball bats and shaved bats through the secondary market online, or they can make rolled and shaved bats themselves. What is the procedure at a softball bat shaving and rolling service, and when is it time to find rolled bats for sale?

Rolled Softball Bats

The traditional material for making softball and baseball bats is wood, more specifically ash wood, and many bats today are still made of wood. As a wooden bat is used in gameplay or practice, the pressure of striking balls bends and breaks the bat’s natural fibers, which is to be desired. When enough bending and breaking is done over time, the bat is fully broken in, and it is more flexible and thus can strike baseballs and softballs further. But what if a player wants to speed up this process, and buy a wooden bat that performs like a broken-in bat right away? This is why players can look up rolled softball bats online and buy one, or they can make their own rolled bats with the help of local bat rolling and shaving services.

At a bat rolling service, the wooden bat is passed through a number of pressurized rollers, and this distress will bend and break the bat’s natural fibers. Care should be taken, though, so the bat is not damaged by this process. But if it is done correctly, the process results in a bat that performs like a broken-in bat, minus the time needed to break it in. Rolled wooden bats are a great choice for practice sessions, where a player does not want to risk damaging their prized wooden bats and instead uses a rolled bat with a similar performance profile. Rolled wooden bats are also a fine choice for casual games where a better wants enhanced performance, but take note that rolled bats are not allowed at sanctioned games. Experts may be able to identify these rolled bats on sight, anyway.

Shaved Metal Bats

Meanwhile, a number of popular sports equipment brands offer metal baseball bats, which are hollow on the inside and have inner padding that helps the bats maintain their shape and integrity during use. Both softball and baseball bats can be made of metal, and they can be doctored for enhanced performance. But they are not going to be rolled, since they do not even have natural wood fibers; instead, a doctored metal bat has had its inner padding shaved away somewhat. Interested players can either buy shaved metal bats online through the secondary market, or take a metal bat to a shaving service.

To shave a metal bat, first the end cap is removed, and then the bat is placed on a lathe table, and its hollow interior is fed to a rotating grinder. That grinder will shave off a few ounces of material, and once that is done, the bat is removed and its end cap put back on. Now the bat is more flexible and can strike balls further than a regular, “off the shelf” metal bat. But the shavers must take care to not remove too much material this way, or the bat becomes fragile and may shatter during use. For the same reason, no material should be ground away from the metal bat’s handle.

Like rolled softball bats, shaved metal bats are not allowed at officially sanctioned games, but they are a fine choice for casual games where league rules aren’t enforced, and metal bats are fine for practice, too. Be careful; they do not perform well in temperatures under 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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