July 24, 2024

When you were little your parents had a portrait that hung in the hallway of you and your siblings.

You knew someone was mad at one of the kids’ pictures was found hanging upside down. With just a quick glance, everyone in the family had a way to judge the room, in the case the bedrooms, of you and your three other siblings. For your own part you rarely flipped your photo upside down, but when you did your parents, your one sister, and two brothers knew that they needed to give you space. For at least a day or two, you often needed to be alone with your thoughts. You would go to school and to your athletic practices, but the rest of the time you wanted some peace and quiet in your room to process what happened at your own pace. Whether it was an argument with a friend about a boy or a less than acceptable score on a physics test, you always wanted your space first, before hearing advice from anyone in the family.

When it came to wondering how a baseball or softball game went, however, your parents often preached the importance of being both a humble winner and a gracious loser. As a parent yourself, however, the abrupt end of the spring season of sports last year was hard to swallow. As a result, you made an investment in the latest and most highly rated rolled and shaved bats for sale. Understanding the importance of staying motivated to practice and train when there is no real timeline for when competitions will resume, you found that the investment in the softball and baseball bat shaving and rolling products has made a significant difference.

Navigating the Pandemic As a Parent Comes with Special Challenges

When non essential businesses closed and playgrounds and softball and baseball diamonds were closed last spring you knew that you had to find a way to help the two young athletes in the house deal with their disappointment. The addition of new rolled and shaved bats was a good one. With the use of these bats both of your young hitters were able to rebuild their confidence at a time when they otherwise may have been frustrated. The fact that you live on a large acreage and had plenty of time to create your very own field of dreams helped as well. Online training with one of the area’s best coaches was an added bonus. On the advice of this coach, your two athletes were able to create practice times that were a healthy mix of hitting time with rolled and shaved bats as well as regular hitting practice with competition acceptable bats.

As the winter months progress and your son and daughter have to reckon with the fact that Shaved and rolled bats do not do well in cold temperatures, they will need to change their practice routines when they are not able to use their shaved bats if it is colder than 65 degrees outside.

Confidence is always important, but in a time when the game schedules for the near future are anything but predictable, confidence is even more essential. You re determined to continue doing your part to make sure that the economic and health threats caused by the pandemic do not totally erase the hoy your children have had in the past when it comes to playing their sports.

In the home where you grew up it was easy to judge the mood of people in the house by looking at the family pictures pin the hallway. In the home where you are tasing your children, it can sometimes bye a bot more challenging to judge the mood and the confidence of your children. Fortunately, you know that if a purchase of rolled and shaved bats can make a difference and connecting with a good coach helps, you are able to provide. The next few months will continue to be a challenge as the vaccines for Covid 19 are distributed. In the meantime, however, you are going to continue to do what it takes to help your children in the pursuit of their dreams.

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