June 14, 2024

Have the Olympics Inspired You to Return to a Sport You Once Loved?

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Leonardo DiCaprio look alike.
All three part of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio.
Although plenty of Olympians are used to the cameras and the publicity of competing on the world’s largest stage, one American archery competitor is finding himself getting a few more pictures published than normal.
Brady Ellison, an American archer who is competing in his third Olympics, has had plenty of excitement on his own. Earning his second gold medal today is every reason to celebrate and expect attention from family and friends. When the locals in Rio determine that your appearance is strikingly similar to the famous American actor Leonardo DiCaprio, however, the attention sky rockets.
Olympic Coverage of Sports Sparks Enthusiasm
Just as the similarity to Leonardo DiCaprio multiplied Ellison’s fame in Rio, the games of the XXXI Olympiad skyrocket the popularity of many sports, including archery and shooting. While Ellison’s face was gaining visibility across the globe because of his resemblance to an American actor known around the world, the Olympic attention that American shooter Kim Rhode has earned is extending the popularity of trap shooting. Rhode won the bronze medal in women’s skeet shooting last week and this honor that placed her among an elite record-holding group of just five other athletes who have earned a medal in six different Olympic Games. Additionally, this California three-time gold medalist in shooting also became the first sportswoman in history to win medals in six consecutive Olympic Games.
While these and other athletes gather their medals and recognition in Rio, sports stores across America prepare to handle the increased interest in sports like shooting and archery. Well prepared sports stores likely began months ago increasing their inventory of archery supplies and trap shooting supplies as just two of the categories that will benefit from the Games.
Archery Supplies Can Determine the Accuracy of the Sport
Whether for sport or for fun, archery supplies often determine both success and the accuracy. Sporting goods stores, in fact, often sell not only a variety of archery supplies, they also sell supplies at different levels. While beginning archery enthusiasts mat be satisfied with the most basic of equipment, those who stay with sport quickly upgrade to equipment that provides more accuracy.
Different kinds of bows, siting mechanisms, and arrows are used for a variety of activities. Beginning enthusiasts can use blunt tipped arrows for easy to penetrate practice targets, while hunters demand different sharper arrows for their endeavors. Although the level of expertise varies, archery practice is a way to stay active and improve muscular tone. In fact, the basic stress of firing a bow leads to proper muscle development in almost all muscle groups. In addition to the obvious strengthening of the shoulders, chest, and back, other parts of the body benefit as those muscles work to support a stable stance.
Shooting as a Sport Continues to Grow in Popularity
Sporting goods stores that sell rifles, bullets, targets, and skeet supplies have a regular supply of customers. during an Olympic year, however, those sales can see even greater numbers. And the fact that a American female trap shooter is making Olympic history, the number of female participants in the rifle sports is likely to see an increase as well.
An average hunter spends $1,638 on the sport every year. A combination of investing in a rifles and purchasing shot gun shells, siting devices, and other shooting range gear makes for a sport that has often been known as popular. During Olympic years, however, these sales are often higher than normal as participants try to hone their techniques or expand their methods. From target practicing to hunting to trap shooting, the gun industry serves a wide range of clients.
What Are Your Goals for Your Next Outdoor Pursuit?
In a time of 24/7 connectedness to work, many Americans look for away to get outside and reconnect with nature. The decision to take up sports like archery or trap shooting allows enthusiasts and athletes alike to increase their skills and improve their health. And while many pursue these skills just for the challenge, more than 38 million Americans hunt and fish, outdoor activities that provide exercise and relaxation.
Are you ready to join the crowd?

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