May 20, 2024

Great Photography Requires High Speed Cameras That Can Capture Light, Motion

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When many people think of gambling they think of an addictive behavior that can lead to many other negative habits. In the case of Eadweard Muybridge, however, gambling, in the for of a $25,000 bet, let to a discovery about motion photography, the study of both human and animal movement, and an exploration of stopping time.
In 1872 former Governor of California Leland Stanford offered Muybridge this large amount of money if he could prove just one thing. When a horse is running does it ever have all of its feet off the ground at once. Stanford believed that it did and his beliefs were in direct opposition to most of his friends. Stanford asked Muybridge to help him prove his point, and if he did so Stanford would pay Muybridge the sum of $25,000. That bet, on a horse no less, led to what became the beginning studies of motion photography.
Fortunately for the rest of the world Muybridge took this horse wager very seriously. In fact, he went on to not only study the motion of horses but also various other kinds of animals, including elephants and giraffes, and the human animal as well.
And while the motion studies were enlightening, perhaps the machine that Mubridge created to show his images was nearly as important as the images themselves. Rather fittingly, Muybridge named this viewing machine the Zoopraxiscope. Invented in 1879 the Zoopraxiscope was a device with disks that rotated in opposite directions creating projected images sequentially. With this viewing apparatus Muybridge could show Stanford and others the representation of the horse galloping with all four legs off the ground at once. All of the theoretical aspects that are present in the high speed cameras of today are based on Muybridge’s discoveries from the 1800s.
High Speed Cameras Enable Amazing Pictures of Motion and Light
Photographers are fascinated with motion. In fact, in addition to determining how much light gets in to create an image, the other major function of the shutter is to capture and record motion. Whether photographers are looking for super slow motion cameras to create artistic images or″ Title=”For more information related to Hi speed camera”>high speed cameras to capture the motion of athletes, much of the price of a camera is often determined by the lens speeds that it offers. And while Muybridge may have been the first to experiment with motion photography, many others continue to follow in his footsteps. and while Muybridge may have been focusing on the common motion of both animals and humans, some of today’s photographers are using their high speed cameras to capture much loftier images.
Space and stellar photography demands the fastest of all shutter speeds. For instance, research conducted by the Department of Physics and Space Sciences at Florida Tech indicates that the team’s requirements for resolution, speed and light-sensitivity demanded a very specific kind of camera. They use the Phantom V1210, a camera that at its full resolution can capture images at up to 12,600 frames-per-second. Muybridge’s best efforts, in comparison, produced a shutter speed that was equal to 1/2000th of a second.
In the 1950s, a U.S. Army engineer by the name of Morton Sultanoff, studying at the Aberdeen Proving ground, invented a super high-speed camera that was able to take frames at one-millionth of a second. This speed was fast enough to record the shock wave of a small explosion.
Photographic Applications Continue to Expand
It is not surprising that the need for research continues to develop newer and more advanced cameras. Today, industries like plastic manufacturing plants, hospitals, and automobile makers all use photographic images to test the safety of their products and the treatments for patients. For example, high speed photography has been a major tool in the development research methods in the field of biomechanics. In this kind of research, a standard movie camera records images at rates that range from 18 frames/second to thousands of frames a second. These images are then used to slow down the motion to the point where it can be analyzed in the greatest of detail.
From the early 1800s when Muybridge began motion photography research to today’s scientific labs, photography has always been an essential tool. How much money do you want to bet that this trend will continue? How about $25,000?

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