June 13, 2024

Why You Should Set Up a Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard skating rink

Winter isn’t only for staying in and watching movies — you can enjoy the winter weather just as much as the summer, and if you live in a place where it’s cold a lot of the time, it might be best to learn to love the chills, and create some thrills of your own. That’s one of the many reasons why it is a great idea to build a homemade backyard ice rink this winter, for you, your kids, and all of your friends to enjoy. All you’ll need are ice rink liners, some water, and freezing temperature, and you’ll have yourself an amazing backyard retreat to enjoy your winter wonderland all season long.

Bond With Your Kids
Make your kids a part of the building process for your home ice rink, and include them as much as you can. Then, when the ice rink is completed, don’t forget to skate and play hockey with them on it everyday! A big project like this is a great way to bond with your children. After all, contrary to what you might think, up to 67 percent of America?s teens say they actually want to spend more time with their parents.

Get Moving
It’s easy to remain pretty stationary during the winter, which can certainly be nice. But, on the other hand, once you get moving, the cold seems merely refreshing. Plus, skating of all kinds is fun and keeps you active. In 2014, people who ice skated amounted to approximately 10.65 million, a testament to the fact that is truly a worthy pastime.

Have the whole gang over for some ice skating fun while you enjoy your backyard ice rink. Then, invite everyone inside for some hot cocoa. 65% of youth sports participants said they participate in sports in order to hang out with friends, so don’t let that stop once it gets chilly out.

When you set up your home ice rink, don’t forget the ice rink liners and ice rink brackets. You won’t regret making this amazing investment for your whole family, right in your backyard, for the whole season.

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