April 21, 2024

Phoenix gymnastics academy

If you have toddlers then you understand the constant struggle of trying to find things to engage them and channel their never ending energy. This is especially true before they go to school because you have all day with them. As a parent, you want them to be learning and not wasting the entire day but also enjoying themselves while they are learning those new skills. Here are a just a few ideas for activities that your child can do before starting school.

Swimming Lessons
Swimming engages the entire body and tires the little tuckers out. The best naps will happen after swim lessons, guaranteed. Other than that, swimming is a very important skill to have. Every day about ten people across the United States die by drowning. Two of those are children under the age of 14. That’s 20%. It’s to much; one person is too much. You can start your babies in swim lessons as young as six months old. At that age they will learn to roll over and float on their backs in the water. From there, as they get older and become more in control of their bodies, they can learn how to hold their breath, different swim techniques, diving, etc. It’s a great way to teach your child about their bodies, get them some good exercise as well as actually learning to swim.

Gymnastics Academy
If you enroll your child in local gymnastics classes, they will learn, like swimming, to control their bodies but they will also be getting strong and tougher without even realizing it. A good gymnastics academy will have different levels depending on the age and ability of your child so that they will always be challenged but not lost. Learning to follow instructions is an important part of gymnastics as well. If your child joins an actual gymnastics academy, the teachers are always on the lookout for talent and natural ability. It’s a great way to boost your child’s confidence in themselves. There are often gymnastics events held as well so your child can showcase what they have learned.

While there may not be professional trampolining classes available, jumping and learning to flip and tuck and roll are all great ways to engage toddlers. They will love the bouncy floor that makes them ‘fly.’ If you are concerned with your child hurting themselves, you might look into places that have ‘toddler time.’ Many trampoline houses have a specific hour or two set aside when only toddlers or children under a certain age and size are allowed on the trampolines. This will eliminate a lot of the injuries that might happen if there are bigger children there. Of course, if your child is quite daring, you may still want to keep an eye on them. There isn’t an actual teacher like at a gymnastics academy or swim lessons; it’s up to you to supervise.

Rock Climbing Classes
This is another one that is ran by a teacher. Call your local indoor rock climbing facility and see what you can find out about teaching toddlers to climb. This could do wonders for channeling energy, focus, as well as building muscles and coordination. Toddlers are already natural climbers from clambering out of cribs to shimmying up trees so why not give them a safe place where they can really climb for a reason. It might give them an interest in nature or the outdoors. Once they master the indoor wall, they might be ready for a real hill.

There are many things similar to the ideas above that you can do with toddlers. If you have other children, younger or older, it might be difficult to focus your attention on your toddler. If this is the case, choose a time where the older ones are in school and find a babysitter for the younger ones so that you can have toddler time yourself and take them somewhere they will really enjoy themselves. This age may be overwhelming but remember that not long from now, you will be wishing for your little baby back as they start school and move on and drive, etc. Time flies by so take advantage of the time you have.

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