April 14, 2024

Many sports today are distinctive for the equipment that players use, such as the racquets of tennis, basketball hoops, and hockey sticks. Meanwhile, baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is especially beloved in the United States and Japan. This sport involves gear such as baseball bats and catcher’s mitts, and any player, amateur or pro, will need them to play. It may be noted that while anyone can buy metal or wooden baseball bats at a sports good store, they might take it a step further and try using rolled bats or find rolled bats for sale. Shaved bats may also be desirable for casual games or practice. What is there to know about these rolled and shaved bats, or “doctored” bats? While these rolled and shaved bats are not legal in sanctioned games, rolled and shaved bats do have their uses.

Rolling a Baseball Bat

What does it mean to roll a wooden baseball bat? First, it may be noted that wooden baseball bats (typically made from ash trees) have natural fibers in them, and these fibers will bend and break as the bat is used. Over time, and after enough baseball strikes, these wooden bats become broken in, which means that they can hit a ball further upon contact. These bats may be highly prized for any game, though it is possible to expedite this breaking-in process on a fresh, new wooden bat.

An interested customer may buy a wooden baseball bat, then take it to bat rolling services nearby to doctor it. This involves passing the wooden bat through pressurized rollers, and that will simulate the natural breaking-in process and alter and wear out the wooden bat’s fibers. This results in a doctored bat that functions like a broken-in bat, but care should be taken so that the bat is not rolled too much and damaged. A person might also look for and buy rolled bats if they want to.

Rolled bats have a distinctive appearance, and they are not allowed in sanctioned games (they would probably get spotted, anyway). But a player may use rolled bats as a replica for their naturally broken-in bats during practice sessions, as they might not want to risk damaging their prized wooden bats during practice. Not only do rolled wooden bats make good proxies for natural ones, but they can also be used in casual games where league rules are not enforced.

Shaved Baseball Bats

What about shaved metal baseball bats? Thee bats do not have wooden fibers like ash bats, so instead, their interior padding may be shaved away somewhat. Hollow metal bats always have padding material inside to give them endurance, but someone who takes their metal bat to a shaving service may doctor a bat for informal use. To do this, the metal bat’s end cap is removed to expose the interior, then the bat is placed on a assembly on a carbide grinder table. Now, the metal bat is fed into a grinding surface that shaves away a few ounces of material from inside the bat. Once this is done, the bat’s cap is put back in place, and the bat is ready for use.

Doing this will allow the metal bat to strike a ball further than a non-doctored metal bat, which may make them desirable for casual games where doctored bats are not banned. Care should be taken when doing this, since removing too much material from the bat’s body may make it too fragile to use. Material should not be removed from the handle at all, or the bat may shatter upon use. Finally, users of shaved bats should take care that they do not use these bats in temperatures lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a whole, these rolled and shaved bats are not to give a player an edge in a tournament, but rather can help make for some spectacular plays in casual games or help someone use safe proxy for their prized bats during a practice session. Such rolled and shaved bats can be either bought already doctored, or made that way after purchase.

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