April 14, 2024

For those who spend a significant amount of time out on the water, being part of a full service marina is a great idea, especially if you partake in plenty of water sports. Whether you have a sailboat, pontoon boat, wakeboard boat, or a jet ski, a full service marina provides ease of access, storage and dockage, and often repair services, should you need them. Think of it as a one-stop shop in some ways, designed to maximize your time on the water and minimize your concerns. With summer quickly coming up, it’s going to be time to start making waves with a boat, and taking advantage of a full service marina is a great way to do that. We’ll discuss some popular water sports, what you should look for in a marina, and why having personal watercraft is so wonderful.

Why Get Your Own Boat or Watercraft?
If you live or vacation often near the water, a boat can provide hours of entertainment. You won’t have to rent a boat, kayak, canoe, or other type of watercraft if you already own one — and if you find yourself doing so regularly, simply buying the watercraft can save you money on rental fees over time.

Being on the water is also incredibly relaxing (though you can get some physical activity in too) and you may find yourself mellowing out and happier if you spend more time on the water in your new watercraft! If you’re social, it’s a great way to get friends together and make some beautiful, sunny, Instagram-worthy memories too.

Plus, if you have children, a boat is an easy way to get them out on the water, learn how to swim, and be the “cool parents.”

What are Some Popular Water Sports?

Almost 20% of millennials did some kind of water sport and in 2017, almost 15% of the total population in the United States joined in with a type of water sport. Popular water sports that involve boats are wakeboarding, jet skiing, tubing, kite surfing, and water skiing.

Wakeboarding is becoming more popular as a water sport — in 2016, there were almost three million participants in the United States. And yes, there is a difference between wakeboarding and wakesurfing. With wakeboarding, the ropes are typically longer than in wakesurfing (between 52 and 78 feet), and you need the boat for your momentum. (With wakesurfing, you just need the boat to get started.) Wakesurfing ropes are usually only around five feet long.

Tubing requires a little less skill and is better for kids or teens who aren’t interested in the exertion or coordination it takes to do some of the other water sports. It’s also fairly easy to set up and you can vary the speeds at which you go. For smaller children, going at much slower speeds is recommended (that way they don’t become airborne), whereas teenagers might ask for speeds to be higher.

What Should I Look For in a Marina?
You should have an idea of the amenities you want in a marina. Ideally, you’ll be able to store and dock your boat or watercraft with them and have them be open every day when it’s in season. Good customer service is a must, since they’ll be taking care of your craft while you’re not around — and if you have an issue with your boat, you want to make sure that it’s being taken care of quickly and efficiently.

A full service marina will also likely offer some level of repair, have mechanics on site, and have a parts department, should you need extra parts or a part replaced. From engine, plumbing, or electrical repair to hull repair, they should be able to have you covered.

Restrooms, a place to eat, and easy access to the nearest town are also things to look for in the marina you choose.

Take advantage of the summer weather and invest in a bot or other type of watercraft this summer! If you do so, however, make sure you do your research on the right marina for you.

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