July 24, 2024

5 Reasons to Choose a Fiberglass Bass Boat for Your First Tournament

If you want to take your fishing hobby to the next level, you need the right boat for the job. ASA Fishing reports that in May 2017, Largemouth Bass was the top targeted species of freshwater fish for anglers. There are a few reasons for this, but the most important is that they’re fun to catch. So, if you want to compete in tournaments, you will want to start browsing bass boats for sale. Why? Here are some good reasons why bass boats are so popular.

  1. Speed
    Fiberglass bass boats are typically faster than deep v-hull aluminium fishing boats for two reasons. First, the shallower hull that characterizes bass boats cuts through less water, meaning less friction. Second, the motors on bass boats are almost always massive. Speed gets you to the hot fishing spots first, a major competitive edge.
  2. Storage
    While multi-species boats have a decent amount of storage, a bass boat has a huge capacity that’s tailored to bass fishing. Underneath the casting platform, there are generally several different cabinets and places to store extra poles and tackle. Plus, bass boats have a large live well.
  3. Equipment
    Besides a live well, bass boats have the ability to get into shallow water with greater ease than almost any other large boat. This is because of their flat design and the inclusion of an electric trolling motor. Besides this, newer bass boats often come equipped with GPS, fish finders, and all sorts of professional angler gear as optional extras.
  4. Casting Platform
    The casting platform for bass boats is long, flat, and spacious. Beyond that, the distance from the water to the edge of the casting platform is short. This makes netting the big ones much easier, yet another competitive edge.
  5. Stability
    Fiberglass boats are more buoyant and heavier than aluminum boats. This makes towing them more difficult, but it also makes them much more stable at speed and while anchored.

Choosing a fishing boat for a tournament will depend on factors outside of the ones listed here. Most important of all: price. Bass boats for sale can be fairly expensive compared to their aluminium counterparts. Still, there’s a reason most bass pros choose fiberglass bass boats. If you agree with their view, but you want to save money, come check out our selection of used boats today.

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