June 13, 2024

What Are Your Family’s Favorite Recreational Activities?

Today you noticed a child standing alone in a store isle. He was crying and he was shaking. You waited a couple minutes then I smiled and approached him asking if he had lost his Mom. He screamed and screamed at the top of his lungs when you were still six feet away from him. You were horrified. A woman came running. You told her what happened and the woman, who was the child’s mother, said he had been been told not to speak to strangers and to yell loudly.

As you walked away, you wondered just who this child should talk to if lost? You were tempted to asked her this question, but did not. As it was, the mother had just given you a dirty look and walked away. Was she right? Should you have ignored the child or got a store clerk?

In a world where children are taught about tricky people, in a world where people teach their child to not talk to, basically, anyone who makes them uncomfortable, things can indeed be complicated. Parents try to help their children identify people who can help when needed. Those helpers may be store employees, other moms, and police officers. But when a child screams bloody murder when another mom attempts to help, we begin to see the implications of this confusing world that we now live in. The decision about what to teach a toddler can be a challenge.

How Are You Teaching Your Children to Live in Today’s Complicated World?

In a complicated world, parents often struggle with what kind of information to give their children. There are, however, a growing number of parents who are focusing on the times that they spend with their family and modeling the way to interact with strangers. For instance, when you are at the lake for the weekend with your whole family you can talk through the process of how you decide who to ask for help. When you need help getting answers to questions you may fave about boats for sale, for example, you can explain how you walk into a show room, examine the place and the people, and make a decision about who to ask for help. Likewise, if you are preparing to talk with ATV dealers you can explain how you identify who is another customer like you and who is the salesperson that you might ask questions of.

From snowmobile dealers in the winter to talking about used boats in the summer, parents are always talking to what can appear to a child as a complete stranger. When parents explain the process of how they determine who to turn to for help they model the kind of behavior they hope their children will exhibit. For families who live big lives, it is sometimes easier to help children prepare for what various situations will look like. Families who take advantage of what snowmobile dealers have to offer in the winter and all of the activities that are offered on the lake in the summer may find that their children are more adaptable. And while boating and snowmobiling bring with them entirely different safety needs, it is important to know that these lessons will also help children when they are out in public. Knowing how to find the right adult for help is a valuable skill. Instead of focusing on this lesson out of context, however, it is important to use natural settings to make sure that children understand where and when to ask for help.

In the meantime, however, it is important to enjoy your children and enjoy the opportunities that being together as a family can bring.

Did you know, for instance, there are more than 15 million boats currently in use in the U.S.? From the boating in the summer to the opportunities that snowmobile dealers offer in the winter, there are plenty of ways to make sure that you and your family are living a big life. Snowmobile dealers, motorcycle and ATV dealers can help you find ways to make sure that your family is experiencing all of the fun that is available. Are you ready to help your children live their best life?

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