July 24, 2024

Three Amazing Reasons to Get Your Children Involved in Soccer

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These days, children have their pick of extracurricular activity. With our ever progressing society and cultures blending together, new opportunities are springing up every day. Any athletic child (and even those that aren?t) may find it very rewarding to learn how to play soccer and maybe even get involved in some youth soccer leagues. But what sets soccer apart and makes it a potentially better option than any other athletic activity? Every child will differ in their interests, but there are things about soccer programs that make them a bit more universally appealing. The following are reasons to consider getting children involved in one of the most internationally acclaimed sports.

1. Social Opportunities

It shouldn?t come as a surprise that when a child chooses to learn how to play soccer they are also investing themselves in a team driven activity. As many as 60% of American children play organized sports outside of school and 62% do so to interact with and make more friends. Soccer training has the added benefit of teaching children how to better utilize teamwork to get a job done, how every member of a group must do their part to see the job done properly. This practice can be extended even during the school break; more than 11 million children and adults attend soccer camp during the summer to continue honing their skills.

2. Regular Athletic Activity

While soccer is accessible to just about anyone as a playable sport, it requires and builds lots of physical endurance. The game itself calls for 11 players that must use almost every part of their body (head, torso, legs and feet) to hit and pass the ball. The game also requires a lot of running, sprinting, jumping and walking for as long as 90 minutes or more. A player can end up traveling as much as five to seven miles by the end of the game! Soccer is great way to ensure kids stay healthy while having fun.

3. Preparing for the Future

The choice to learn how to play soccer carries a much longer impact than just regular physical exercise and the virtue of team work. Kids stand to make foundations for their future if soccer ends up being a passion of theirs. Each year, there are about 433 soccer scholarships for boys and 806 for girls available for reward to really skilled players. Attending a summer soccer camp is a great way to get the attention of a recruiter! Summer soccer camps are also a great way to meet coaches and stand out from the competition.

Soccer can have awesome lasting effects for any child that chooses to play, whether it?s going on to college with a soccer scholarship or learning how to be a great team mate.

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