June 24, 2024

Boat Coolers 3 Things To Look For in the Best Marine Coolers

The cooler

If you believe the advertising copy, every marine cooler on the market will keep your catch the coldest the longest. Of course, it’s easy for a marketer to write that than it is for a cooler company to prove it. So if you’re actually looking for the best in class marine coolers on the market, then here’s what you’ll need in the coolest coolers:

  1. Ice Retention: Experts actually test the best coolers. Sure, you can buy cheap plastic coolers from your local big box store, but committed outdoor adventurers need something a little more heavy duty. If you’re looking for live bait coolers or boating coolers that can last for days, then you need to look for marine coolers with an impressive ice retention rating. The best cooler brands can hold ice for at least eight days.
  2. IGBC Certified Bear Resistant Container: And in case you’re wondering, yes, the best outdoor coolers are actually tested against actual grizzly bears. What does that mean exactly? In order to be certified “bear proof,” a container must be able to stop a grizzly for a minimum of 60 minutes. And while you aren’t likely to see many grizzlies on your next boat trip, this is still a sign that you’re buying the best fishing cooler available.
  3. Dry Ice: Not all containers are capable of holding both regular ice and dry ice. If you’re an angler that prefers using dry ice, then make sure you’re buying a marine cooler that can handle the load.

According to the latest market studies, one in four young campers has purchased a cooler in the last year. That means most people have mediocre coolers that either won’t meet their needs or will fall apart within a year or two.
So whether you need a live bait cooler for your next fishing trip or just a UV-resistant boating cooler that can hold ice for a week or more, you’ll need something more than a cheap plastic imitation. While you will have to pay more for the best cooler brands, they’re more than worth the money for serious fishermen and women.

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