May 24, 2024

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gift for Your Child’s Coach

Softball team gifts

More than 35 million kids participate in organized sports in the US every year, and the effects can be incredible. Children who participate in sports are shown to have higher self esteem, fewer instances of negative behavior and a higher chance to get into college and receive degrees.

When your child is receiving all of these benefits, it’s only natural to want to thank your coach with a gift at the end of the season, but there are a few things to consider first:

Does Your League Have a Gift Policy?

Some sports leagues for kids don’t allow parents and families to buy gifts for a coach. Check on this before you buy anything. If you’re not allowed to buy gifts, or if your coach doesn’t want them, consider giving your coach a note or card from your child. You can also have all your team members sign a game ball for the coach to keep as a keepsake.

Are You Buying Gifts as an Individual or a Team?

Teams can get pretty large, even in smaller leagues. Imagine if a softball coach got softball coach gifts from his or her varying team members after every season. Their home would fill up pretty fast.

You can collect money from parents to buy collective gifts for coaches, if you feel like that’s the best answer. Consider buying tickets to sporting events, or restaurant gift certificates. These don’t take up space and they won’t end up in some box in the attic.

Consider Personalized Gifts

Custom gifts are a great way to make your gift memorialize the occasion. You could order a picture frame with the team name or logo on it and have all team members sign the photo. You can also personalize sports equipment and accessories. Softball necklaces engraved with the team name are great softball coach gifts, for instance, and a coach who’s outdoors a lot could always use a personalized water bottle.

Whether you’re looking for baseball, hockey, soccer or softball coach gifts, just make sure it comes from the heart and your child’s coach is sure to love it.

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