July 17, 2024

Five Tips for Making Your First Half Marathon a Great Experience

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Do you have friends who are avid runners and are constantly competing in races? If so, they’ve probably showed you their race bib and medal display on numerous occasions. And what about their running bumper stickers, including that 13.1 decal for cars they have slapped on their car window after running their first half marathon? As sick as you might be of staring at their running accomplishments, odds are you are a little jealous as well. It’s never too late to start running, and a half marathon is a great distance to set a goal for. If you’re thinking about running a half marathon, follow this advice to make it a great and successful experience:

  1. Build Up a Tolerance – It is important to build up a running base before jumping into a training routine. Most half marathon plans assume that you currently run between 15 and 20 miles a week. If you are new to the sport, let your body build up a tolerance for short distances before you push it further.
  2. Choose a Training Plan – Once you’ve gotten into a running routine, it’s time to pick a training regiment. The average half marathon plan is 12 weeks, but there are longer ones. It’s not a bad idea to choose one that spans 14 or 16 weeks for your first marathon to give yourself a little wiggle room. Also make sure to choose a plan with cross training built into it. Building muscle is an important part of training.
  3. Do Your Research – It is a good idea to look into the race ahead of time so there are no surprises the day of. Check out the course so you know how hilly or flat it will be, know where scheduled water stops are and look to see if there are bathrooms along the route. The more you know going into the race, the more confident you will be running it.
  4. Rest Up – As important as it is to run while training for a half marathon, it is just as important to rest and allow your body time to repair itself. Off days should be scheduled into your training plan, so make sure not to skip them. Also, make sure you rest and eat healthy the day before the big race. You’ll need all of your energy.
  5. Celebrate! – A half marathon is a long race, so once you’ve completed your first one there is definitely reason to celebrate! Enjoy your custom race gifts, kick back, relax and feel proud of yourself for your big accomplishment. You can go out and get your very own 13.1 decal for cars to show off your running achievements.

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