May 20, 2024

The Poms Have It What You Didn’t Know About Cheerleading

Youth cheerleading pom poms

Each year, 36,000,000 kids played organized sports of some kind. Cheerleading being very high on that list. There are nearly 4 million cheerleaders in the U.S. Of that 4 million, 400,000 are high school cheerleaders. There are more benefits to cheerleading than you know. For example, cheerleading was not always a female-dominated sport. In October of 1897, Princeton University football officials named 3 male ‘cheer leaders’ who were to cheer for the home football teams and the guest football teams as well. It wasn’t until years later that women would become the majority.

Despite being over 100 years old, All Star Cheer wasn’t formed until the 1980’s. Since then, it has grown to be known as a classic American sport and more beneficial than you know. For starters, adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely to be active at age 24 as adolescents who do not play sports. Of those adolescents, female high school athletes are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs.

In recent years, the sport has evolved yet continued to stick to some of the traditions we all know and love best ultram seller like cheer poms and plastic megaphones. Although many competitive teams do not use them very often, adults and youth alike are sporting custom pom poms including metallic and plastic pom poms to stand out. Pink metallic pom poms and other custom designs can be seen for special events and causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In addition to cheer poms most likely seen at games or competitions, shaker and rooter poms are becoming increasingly popular at events like weddings. Instead of throwing rice when the bride and groom depart, cheer poms and shaker and rooter poms are slowly taking over. With virtually little to no clean up and the ability to custom design them to fit your theme, anyone can see why cheer poms are popular in any age group.

Whether you’re investing in the bright future of an adolescent involved in the sport or celebrating a milestone with your closest family and friends, cheerleader pom poms are a great place to start. Not only do they bring joy and excitement to just about everyone, they just might inspire you.

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