July 17, 2024

Phantom flex4k

Whether you’re a professional photographer earning $30,000 a year plus for your work or an armchair enthusiast, we’re betting you can appreciate the rush of a taking a good photo. Gone are the days of the mandatory darkroom and the Polaroid. Now, Facebook houses thousands more photos than the Library of Congress, and nine-year-olds are walking around with Phantom cameras in their pockets. But did you know that an ultra high speed camera can be used for more than just good selfies, awesome wedding photos, or your hopeful submission to National Geographic? Below are a few uses of the infamous 1000 fps camera (and even faster) that will have you putting “Phantom cameras” on your Christmas list:

1. Television!
Let’s start with an application you’re probably all familiar with. Mythbusters! The popular myth debunking show often uses high speed cameras to measure height and speed in their experiments, such as when they attempted to split an arrow with another arrow or when they measured the height of an explosion caused by deep frying a turkey improperly. (Spoiler Alert: It was a huge explosion). Television applications of high speed cameras add enjoyment for the audience and increase the credibility of what is being presented.

2. Science and Zoology
It used to be that the famous animal scientists like Jeff Corwin and Jane Goodall would have to start filming, then attempt to manipulate their animal subjects into performing the feats they wanted recorded. Now, with a professional-grade high speed video camera, naturalists can simply stake out a pack of lions or a photogenic elephant and watch the magic Jackson suite ultram online happen. Cameras have long helped us discover more about the Animal Kingdom, and high speed cameras are only adding to our wealth of knowledge and wonder.

3. Medical Technology Thanks to Phantom cameras and other high speed camera manufacturers, we’ve developed some of the best medical technology in the world. X-rays especially have benefit from the application of high speed cameras in the production process. A well placed high speed camera can conduct safety and sensitivity analyses of complex X-ray machinery by capturing the order of processes inside the X-ray device. This has led to better targeting and safety precautions, like the “lead sheet,” when using X-rays.

4. Industrial Engineering
High speed cameras can also improve the efficiency in assembly lines. By capturing the smallest changes in speed from station to station, a high speed camera can detect when portions of development are happening too quickly and allow machinists to calibrate equipment accordingly, thereby allowing for the maximum output of the line.

5. War
High speed cameras also contribute to the efficiency of weapons systems, ballistic analysis, and bomb ranges. One camera currently used by the military can even visually detect the shock waves caused by small explosions. There is no doubt that high speed cameras have helped put the U.S. on the map as a major world military power.

Of course…
Chances are, you’re not using your Iphone camera to blow up enemy bases. But if you’re considering purchasing one of the nicer Phantom cameras currently on the market, remember that you’ll be in possession of a powerful tool with a lot of potential.

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