June 13, 2024

The 7 Benefits Of Buying (Or Renting) A Pontoon Boat

When looking into purchasing a boat, or taking out a boat rental, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices available, especially if you’ve never been boating before. If you need a little help at finding the perfect boat for you, here are a few reasons why you should consider a pontoon boat.

The Benefits Of A Pontoon Boat

  • Family. If you are planning on taking your family out, especially your little ones, a pontoon boat is the perfect choice. It has enough space for them to run, jump, play, and drive. With enough room for up to 11 people, you can even host all of their friends with ease. Even older kids will enjoy spending time out on the boat with their friends. It’s the perfect win win for those with families.
  • Fishing And Water Skiing. While lounging around is all well and good, pontoon boats are also perfect for fishing and water skiing. The platform deck is great for launching off of for skiing, and for fishing you can bring the whole gang to spend the day out on the water without worrying about space. Some even come with an extendable canopy so that you can have some shade while spending a day on a pontoon boat.
  • Easy To Use. For beginners a pontoon boat is the perfect choice. As the hull is constructed from aluminium, they are much more likely to dent should you hit something, as opposed to tearing. This can be beneficial if the place you plan on boating at has shallow rocky areas. They are also easier to clean up after being taken out. Ski boats have to be towed down to prevent water spots for instance, but pontoons can either be moored at the marina, or hitched to your trailer and driven away.
  • Longevity. These boats are also able to last for a long time. Even if furniture or carpeting needs to be replaced in 15 years, you can invest in one size fits all modular couches. This allows you to easily swap out old installations and keep your boat in tip top condition for decades. This coupled with the ease of maintenance, makes it a worthwhile investment for first time, or veteran, boat buyers. Additionally, if you’re planning on mooring your boat, try to do so at a full service marina. This ensures that everything you need will be close by if your boat ever needs a check or tune up.
  • Comfort. Nothing beats laying out on a pontoon boat couch. With large comfortable couches, it’s easy to spend hours lounging around on the water. This makes it perfect for quiet get-togethers, or even just lazy days out on the lake. Additionally, with all the open space, you can easily put up a grill and cook out on the deck. This makes for the perfect day, and night potentially, to spend time with family and friends.
  • Safety. With high rails, even cruising, pontoon boats are incredibly safe. They are also very heavy, making them harder to flip, even when turning at full speed. While they aren’t recommended on overly choppy waters, it’s best not to be out on any boat during high winds or storms.
  • Storage. While it may seem like a simple thing, storage can be very important when out on the water. Keeping emergency supplies, blankets, extra clothes, in addition to the food and drink you’ll need while out, can quickly add up. And, that’s not even considering any fishing gear, or water sports equipment. Pontoon boats have ample space, so that you can carry everything you need, and never have to worry about being caught off shore unprepared.
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