June 14, 2024

Soccer Training Programs For KidsThe Many Benefits

Professional soccer training

Many parents look for some type of sports program for their kids, especially in summer. A soccer training program for kids is one of the most popular choices among both kids and their parents. There are youth soccer camps throughout the country, some of which provide a sleepaway program, others which offer a day program. Young people are usually enthusiastic about attending a summer soccer camp, and 96% of youth surveyed say that spending all or part of their summer at camp helps and encourages them to make new friends. In addition, 92% feel that joining with others for a training program in a camp atmosphere increases their self confidence and boosts their spirit.

Soccer actually had its beginning in England in the year 1863. Also known in that country as football, soccer involves two teams made up of 11 players each. The ball is the focus of the game and it cannot be touched at all by any players’ arms or hands during the game, except for the goalkeepers. The idea is to score goals by kicking or “heading” the ball into the team’s net, or goal.

A soccer training program for kids can take place at a summer soccer camp or during other times of year through the school district or a community program. Youth soccer leagues often welcome new players and typically offer training for newbies and little players, as well as ongoing training for those who are more experienced at the game. Experienced coaches sometimes offer professional soccer training, while, often, local people will volunteer to teach soccer to kids.

Of high school sports, soccer is one that is very popular. In the United States alone approximately 284,000 high school boys, in addition to 209,000 high school girls, choose soccer as the sport in which they would like to participate. It is estimated that about 62% of high schoolers who do play some type of sports are doing so primarily to be able to spend time with their friends. This is not a negative, however, since sports participation does give them the opportunity to interact with other young people and to be part of a team. And let’s not forget fresh air and exercise! Even if the team loses a game, it’s a win/win situation!

Fortunately, anywhere a family lives within the United States, they will be able to find a good soccer training program for kids. Most big cities will offer sports programs as an incentive to inner city kids in order to keep them off the streets and away from negative influences that could be nearby. Many successful athletes have been born from inner city teams! The kids love the competitive atmosphere and the activity, while learning to work together as a team. Training to work with others as a team is an essential part of growing up and offers many advantages for young people.

Soccer camps can offer training from the ground up, so to speak, and cover a wide range of levels and techniques. A progressive summer soccer camp will take control of several weeks out of the summer, often three weeks, and will begin week one with the basics. During the first week campers might be taught the skills of playing soccer. Techniques like running, shielding, dribbling with speed, and passing with both feet will be practiced in addition to the legal methods of receiving with different parts of the body.

The second week of the camp’s soccer training program for kids will concentrate on individual skills and the skills used when moving across the field as a team. Moving, tackling, and finishing will be practiced as well as combination play and goalkeeping.

The third week is typically a week of putting into action everything that has been learned throughout the training, and sharpening those skills. Scrimmages will be played and things like speed of play, build-up play, defending, goalkeeping, and counters will all be practiced and honed.

As mentioned earlier, in England soccer is also known as football. Another name used for soccer is association football. The name “soccer” is actually derived from a shortened version of that name.

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