July 17, 2024

Over 55% Of Americans Are Fans Of Baseball What Makes This Sport So Popular?

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The holidays are calling. What gifts do you have ready to go? For those that are scratching the back of their head and feeling the stress of Christmas already, never fear. There’s a special gift for everyone just waiting to be found. For those who know a sports fan or two? Your job is practically done for you. Baseball is a beloved past-time in the United States for millions of people, meaning it’s more than a little likely you have someone who would love to see their favorite team when they open up their gifts.

Before you start looking into a custom Mariners jersey, learn a little more about the iconic American sport. Although baseball originally started in the United States, it as since spread across the world as one of the most popular sports on the planet. The International Baseball Federation boasts more than 100 countries to its name. This establishment works to regulate the rules of baseball and make sure that, no matter where it’s played, audiences can be assured they’re watching a fair and exciting game.

There are more than enough fun facts to keep everyone entertained at the Christmas party. The average major league baseball game will see 50 foul balls hit into a crowd of 31,000 people or so. These are often the highlight of a given game and will have people taking photos of the catch as a souvenir to take home. Many will even bring mitts with them in the hopes of catching a coveted stray ball! The world record for the fastest pitch ever thrown clocked in at an astonishing 105 miles per hour. This has yet to be broken, but it hasn’t stopped many from trying.

Did you know the oldest baseball park is still in use? Fenway Park debuted in 1912 and is considered a crowning historical achievement of American culture. Just a decade earlier the Boston Americans won the very first World Series. The team with the most World Series wins, even now, are the New York Yankees with an impressive 27 titles. The MLB has generated a grand total of $9 billion in revenue just the year prior, averaging out at $300 million per team. While that’s all fine and good…what does this mean for the custom athletic jerseys you’re thinking of getting for your family?

Find a clever way to learn which team has your family rooting in the living room every year. This can translate to a custom Mariners jersey to hang on their wall or a custom Cardinals jersey for them to wear next time it’s time to gather up some friends for a match. Over 50% of people in the United States say they’re either fans or ‘somewhat fans’ of professional baseball, making it more than likely that custom Braves jersey will be just what the doctor ordered.

There’s no need to sweat the small stuff this Christmas. A custom Mariners jersey (or custom Giants jersey) can bring out the holiday spirit and the spirit of baseball in one great package.
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