June 13, 2024

Oklahoma Where the Hogs Get Hunted Down the Plain

Wild boar hunting trips

Oklahoma is known for many great things. Of course, you’ve got the great Rogers and Hammerstein musical, where the farmers and the cowhands try to be friends. You’ve got a great tradition of college football all throughout the state. And, you also have great hog hunting.

That last one might not be so familiar to many people, but the fact is hog hunting in Oklahoma is always going full boar! (sorry).

Whether you are interested in tracking down and bagging your swine on a single hog hunt or upping the excitement with a double hog hunt, Oklahoma is the place to be for the best adventure the sport has to offer.

Over 500 years ago, pigs were introduced to North America by the Spanish explorers. Since then, they have literally been multiplying and spreading throughout the land. Hog reproduction is an extremely rapid experience. They will produce 12 to 20 piglets every year, and the wild hogs will grow to great sizes during the course of their lives.

Hunting hogs in Oklahoma–both the single hog hunt and the double hog hunt–is extremely important to the ecology and balance of nature not only in the state but in the entire region. According to the USDA, feral hogs cause $1.5 billion in damage all over the country by depleting crops, infecting the water with various diseases, and causing erosion around water sources.

Oklahoma relies on the single hog hunt every year because the state has witnessed the presence of hogs in each of its 77 counties, at one time or another. The hogs that are hunted are found throughout the entire state, giving the hog-hunting enthusiast ample opportunity for a unique experience each and every time out.

If you are looking for a wild boar hunt, you can find an abundance of them on one of your guided hunts. Some of them can weigh up to 300 pounds and have very large tusks. Getting yourself a trophy boar in never out of the realm of possibility.

Wild boar have a reputation for being extremely aggressive and nasty. This is the appeal for many hunters and if you are one of them, you surely will not be disappointed. Stalking the thick cover where these wild beasts live is a heart-pounding adventure that even the most seasoned hog hunter will get a kick out of.

If you are in the market for your next great hunting adventure, come to the state where the wind comes sweeping down the plain and the best hunters sit high on the hog.

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