July 17, 2024

Outdoor Enthusiasts Increasing in Number Surge in Sales of Adventure Gear

Adventure gear

American campers and hikers are on the move: last year, almost 40 million people reported that they spent time hiking in the great outdoors. With searches for “adventure gear” on the rise, American spending on camping equipment has surged to almost $2 billion every year. Most campers report that they spent time outdoors in addition to their camping adventures: hunting, fishing, and hiking are all popular hobbies that are continuing to grow.

Hunters log the most time outdoors, spending over 225 million days a year pursuing their favorite pastime. Not only are hunters putting in the time, but experts report that hunters spent more than $1,500 every year in the pursuit of their sport. Many hunters will go to a shooting range in the off-season, hoping to improve their aim in order to maximize time spent outdoors.

Sales of adventure gear are up across the country: scuba diving gear, camping gear, hiking gear, and hunting gear are all sold online and in local stores. Some travelers and adventurers take destination vacations where they are able to fish or hunt in scenic locales as part of the cost of their vacation.

Hikers log millions of miles every year: across deserts, forests, and mountains they climb, all in the pursuit of adventure. They do require specialized adventure gear for certain climates and situations: a hike through the mountains might require rock climbing gear. As long as hikers are familiar with the terrain, they should be able to prepare properly.

Outdoor enthusiasts often write that America is the only country in the world that features such diverse habitats. Deserts, forests, frozen plateaus, wetlands, and grasslands: that is why they climb, hunt, and hike, they say. Many fans of the great outdoors take vacations where they can spend up to a few months hiking famous trails, or fishing every day. America seems to be a playground for people who love to be outside and to pursue adventure.

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