April 21, 2024

What Makes BMX Bikes Different?

If you’re looking to really get into cycling as a hobby, you’ve probably realized that you’ll need the right equipment if you even want to get started. With over a billion bicycles in the world currently, however, knowing exactly what sort of bike to get can be a challenge. Do you start with a standard bike frame and upgrade from there? Do you buy a BMX bike, and if so, what’s so different about a BMX bicycle anyway? BMX bikes, for those looking to do tricks, have a few features that make them stand out against other bicycles out on the market.

  • Durability: BMX bicycle frames are designed to take a heavy beating. Tricks and stunts aren’t easy on these bicycles, and so the frames and all other components need to be designed for maximum durability. Otherwise, you’d end up having to replace parts incredibly quickly.
  • Weight: If you’re going to be doing stunts on your bike, it’s best that you’re not trying to do them with any extra weight. Bikes designed for BMX or any other sorts of stunts and tricks need to be kept fairly light so the rider can get the most height possible on jumps.
  • Wheels: On BMX bikes, the wheels tend to be a bit smaller than on traditional bicycles. This allows the bikes to better grip the ground and perform a wide variety of stunts. This does, however, mean that all of the other components involving the wheels need to be specialized for BMX bikes: size 24 BMX rims, specialized BMX tires, and more.
  • Brake systems: Unlike standard bikes, most BMX bikes don’t have a standard braking system built in. Instead, a foot is used to create friction that stops the wheels from spinning. While this does mean you won’t need to purchase equipment for brakes, it will take a bit extra time to learn how to properly brake on these bikes.

Not all bikes are created equal, and this is especially true for BMX bikes. Having the right parts and details separates your bike from the rest of the pack. For all your BMX bike needs, from bike stems to 24 BMX rims to toe clips and more, contact us today.

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