July 17, 2024

Ice Skating All Year Long with Your Own Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard ice rink

There is something about ice skating in the winter that encourages family connectivity, romanticism, and a sense of appreciation for the winter beauty. Have you ever been skating along with your significant other, taking in the snow fall and the smooth feel of the ice and wished that you could do it daily? With a backyard ice skating rink, you can. You can participate in daily ice skating, while also taking advantage of the following perks of a home ice rink.

Increase in daily exercise

Both adults and children alike do not get enough exercise. This is especially true during the winter months. In the summer, people get outdoors more with swimming, biking, roller blading, and running. In the winter, the temperatures drop and the roads are covered with snow and ice. There are far fewer winter activities to participate in than there are summer activities. Participating in sports improves cardiovascular endurance. Increased cardiovascular health decreases the risk for heart disease which is the number one killer disease claiming almost 800,000 lives in 2011, according to the CDC. Your own backyard ice skating rink will encourage you to get moving during the winter months.

Increase in community and social connections

What is the best way to increase your relationship with another person? Engaging in activities together is one of the best ways to communicate and improve a family or friendship bond. Backyard ice rinks bring people together. They provide a romantic backdrop for couples. They provide a fun learning environment for families. They also offer a great activity for young adults to skate together, keeping them away from less healthy of activities. After you finish installing your backyard ice rink, invite all of your neighbors over to try it out.

Increase in important developmental skills

Children who learn a sport at a young age tend to pick up other sports easier. With a homemade ice rink, you can begin teaching your young child how to skate earlier. Constant lessons will have them skating on their own in no time. As they get older, they can transfer these skills of balance and athleticism into other sports. Children also learn important social and competitive skills when participating in sports at a younger age. Approximately 65% of youth sports participants said they participate in sports to be with friends. Additionally, sporting friends tend to stick with you for many years.

An ice rink for more than just ice skating

Your backyard ice skating rink does not have to just be used for ice skating. In fact, ice hockey is another extremely popular winter sport that has its own set of advantages. There were more people playing hockey in the United States than ever before during the 2013 to 2014 season, according to USA Hockey, 519,417 people registered as players last season. Both the sport of hockey and the activity of ice skating can be used to increase stamina, social skills, and necessary developmental skills.

Installing a safe backyard ice skating rink

You can create your backyard ice skating rink as large or as small as you desire. You can install it in a specific shape or keep it as a traditional circle. It is your skating rink and you can create it to best serve your needs. However, you will want to ensure that it is as safe as possible. Installing a safe backyard ice skating rink means ensuring a proper temperature, always using safe netting, and using a durable ice rink liner underneath. It will also be important to keep up with regular maintenance.

Every winter, hundreds of thousands of people will head to the nearest skating rink. Another large group of people will head to the indoor skating rink to participate in the sport of hockey. Putting your own backyard ice skating rink in can increase your skating opportunities. It can also teach children important athletic and social skills. Finally, it will encourage exercise during the long, cold winter months.

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