July 17, 2024

From Pile Caps to Power Pedestals Everything You Need for Your Own Floating Dock

Dock boxes

If you live near the water, you may have your own boat or other watercraft. For those who enjoy the open waters, you may also want the convenience of your own floating dock right near your property. However, with one of these docks comes the need for plenty of supplies, and if you’re not sure exactly what is required, you may feel overwhelmed, especially when you’re not sure what the difference is between a pile cap and a power pedestal.

To help you construct the perfect dock for your home, here are some essential items you’ll need.

Floating dock: A floating dock is exactly what it sounds like —
a dock that floats! Traditional boating docks and piers are designed to stand in the lake or ocean floor. A floating dock, however, typically requires an anchoring system every few feet instead. A good floating dock will be engineered to withstand high winds and other inclement weather, and they are often constructed from galvanized steel and other heavy duty materials. When building a dock, make sure to attach the correct dock bumpers to avoid damaging the dock when pulling a boat up next to it.

Dock floats: Dock floats are necessary to keep the dock floating. They are made from resin or other tough materials and are created to hold the dock up in the water. Dock floats are filled with a dense foam to prevent the dock float from filling up with water and sinking. When selecting dock floats, it is very important to choose the correct size for your dock.

Power pedestals: These pedestal lights are perfect for any dock or marina and provide illumination when it gets dark. Having lights every few feet on a dock helps to ensure that the area is safe, so passengers getting into or out of boats can see where they are stepping. For safety, it is also a good idea to have a firehouse pedestal with emergency equipment such as a fire extinguisher, emergency red or blue lights, or a life float attached to it.

Dock accessories: No dock is complete without a variety of accessories to complete it, such as ladders, dock boxes, and pile caps. Dock ladders are necessary for safely getting into and out of the water, and they are typically suited for any style marina. Dock boxes are the perfect place to keep supplies and safety equipment, and many of them are equipped with seating on top, as well. Finally, pile caps are round or square caps used to sit atop posts and poles to give any marina a pleasant, uniform look.

Once you’ve decided on a size and shape for your floating dock, make sure you have the correct hardware needed in order to complete it. If you’re not sure what parts your project will require, be sure to speak with a professional or an installer about putting together your floating dock. He or she will be able to recommend the correct parts for your private marina needs. Have other questions? Leave a comment below!

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