June 14, 2024

The school year is almost over and many families are looking forward to summer camping trips. From the vacuum insulated tumblers that are used on the longest of hikes to the soft side coolers that are perfect for a group adventure, there are many ways to make sure that you are getting the water that you need even when you are on a camping trip far from home.

In addition to providing water for hikes and large groups who want to be able to cook in the wilderness, there are also many other times when specific camping equipment is also used for a number of other purposes. For instance, live bait coolers help people who like to fish keep their bait fresh for a long weekend trip.

How Many Times Does Your Family Go Camping in a Summer?

If you are a family that likes to camp a lot during the summer it is important to realize that there are many kinds of equipment and tools that can make your trip both more enjoyable and more productive. From the vacuum insulated tumblers that are so useful we even use them when we are at home to the hard coolers that are animal safe, there are many camping specific items that you may want to purchase. If you have been camping for years, you likely know about them. If you are a new camper, however, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all of the things that you might want to purchase.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the camping industry and the impact that it has on the economy:

  • 53% of new campers indicate that they camp in tents, while 25% choose cabins and 19% select RVs.
  • Although Millennials alone accounting for 40%, Millennials and Gen Xers combined make up 75% of all campers.
  • While some people travel a great distance for their camping adventures, 59% of campers stay within 100 miles of their home.
  • 50% of all campers identified their “love of the outdoors” for sparking their interest in camping
  • When searching for nearby campgrounds, 42% of campers indicate that they stay at national, state, or municipal campgrounds.
  • When searching for nearby campgrounds, 25% indicate that they stay at private campgrounds.

If you are one of the families in the country who is counting down the last few days of school so that you can go camping, maybe now is the time to start checking to see that you have all of the equipment that you need, including vacuum insulated tumblers for everyone in the family.

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