April 21, 2024

4 Signs Telling You Your Bicycle Needs to Be Serviced

Did you know that bicycles save more than 238 gallons of gas every year? That being said, it’s no wonder you like to ride your bike everywhere you can. With all that use, your bike will experience some common wear and tear. Here are some signs that it’s time to service your bike.

Shifting is getting difficult

The chainring gears on your bike should work relatively smoothly. However, over time, the cables that operate the gears can fray and stretch, resulting in shifting that takes more effort. The gears can also get misaligned, meaning they need indexing. The chain and cassette can also become worn and will need replacing.

Braking isn’t easy anymore

You obviously need your brakes to work if you want to safely ride your bike places. You should be able to stop your vessel by simply squeezing the brake lever. However, when the brake pads wear out, the cables can stretch, causing you to lose braking power.

You hear weird noises when you pedal

Sure, you can hear the whisp of the wind when you’re cruising down a hill, but that’s pretty much all you should hear for the most part while you’re riding. The bearing in your bottom bracket wears over time, causing a creaking or banging sound as you pedal. This is an indication that the cranks will move if you wiggle them, which isn’t supposed to happen. Once the bearing is replaced, you won’t hear that sound anymore.

The bolts are hard to turn

Finally, you might notice that your bolts are hard to turn. If you want to adjust your headset, move your seat spot, or swivel the bolts for some other reason and can’t, you probably need to clean and degrease your bolts. You should also keep your bike dry and out of the rain to prevent this from happening in the future.

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