April 21, 2024

Why Yoy May Want an Electric Skateboard

Many different sports are popular today, from rock climbing to fishing to soccer and even roller skating, and one of the more casual but no less popular sports is skateboarding. But even skateboards can make a pro out of somebody, and some skaters have made a name for themselves around the world with their skills, stunts, and tricks. Even if ordinary consumers are not looking to wow the crowd at a competition, many people love to ride on skateboard, which are useful on pavement such as a sidewalk or a skate park. Meanwhile, there is another category of such boards: automatic skateboard models. An automatic skateboard is better for off-terrain exploring rather than tricks in a half-pipe, and an electric off road skateboard is just that: a motor-powered, all terrain skateboard that can be used away from pavement. A automatic skateboard can be used on sandy beaches, grass in a park, or rougher terrain, based on what the rider finds. An all terrain electric skateboard can be bought in online catalogs or found in the secondary market, and an off road longboard can be a lot of fun. What does the overall skateboard scene look like?

Skating Today

Nearly 11 million people recently self-reported that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis, and they’re part of the larger population of 16 million skaters in the United States, who ride regularly or just whenever they feel like it. Skateboards are dominantly an American phenomenon, but they’re popular in other parts of the world too, and today, about 21 million skaters, including the sizeable American skater population, can be found. Often, skaters are teenagers or young adults, but skateboarding is attracting an older crowd in recent years. Back in 2006, for example, some 71% of skaters were aged 12-17, but today, that percentage is down to 45%, showing that many different people love to skate. Women entered the competitive scene for the first time in 1964, when Patty McGee became the first woman on the professional skater scene. Many of these skaters are using the traditional model of skateboards: flat body with upturned ends, and small, hard wheels that are ideal for rolling on pavement and other flat, hard surfaces. These skateboards are great for skate parks and half pipes, but they would have a miserable time navigating the great outdoors. This where an automatic skateboard would be used instead. What does an automatic skateboard offer that a regular one cannot?

An Electric Skateboard

Regular skateboards are powered when a person uses their legs to accelerate themselves, but as the name suggests, an electric skateboard instead uses electric motors to move its wheels rather than muscle power. And since electric skateboards are meant to be used for outdoor cruising instead of for tricks at a skate park, their design is different. An electric skateboard has a totally flat body, lacking the upturned ends used to flip and turn a regular skateboard for tricks. What’s more, an electric skateboard has larger wheels that include rubber tires, often with a grip on them. This makes them more like mini ATV wheels, designed to navigate rough terrain without getting stuck like a regular skateboard would. As long as the off-road skateboard’s batteries are replaced, it can keep on going.

An electric skateboard can indeed be used to just cruise around a park or a sidewalk, but on top of that, it can go into rougher terrain too. The user can steer the electric skateboard with a remote control, or the rider can tilt the skateboard to the left or right to steer it. These skateboards may even go over small rocks, bumps, or sand where other, regular skateboards would quickly become stuck.

Someone who wants an electric skateboard can find some with online catalogs, and any good catalog will have clear images of the products and their price and product information. Once a new skateboard is delivered and unpacked, it’s ready to go. Or, a customer can find a used one for sale from a private seller. In this case, the buyer should first look it over in person and give it a test drive (with the owner’s permission). A second-hand skateboard can be a great deal in some cases.

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