July 17, 2024

Beachfront vacation rentals

You have probably noticed an increase in mobile apps and webpages that rent out people?s houses to vacationers. The reason for this increase in house and vacation rentals is that more and more travelers are learning about the advantages of renting a vacation house versus staying in a hotel or resort. House and condo rentals provide vacationers with feelings of relaxation and a sense of home, whereas hotels leave you feeling like one of many guests. Consider house and condo rentals for your next vacation for the following beneficial reasons.

Cost savings

You may be surprised to learn that it could actually be cheaper for you to rent a vacation home than to pay resort or hotel fees. Considering that most vacation rentals live in their home for some part of the year, or the owner purchased the property to specifically rent out, the rental fees are usually more aligned with mortgage prices, rather than resort fees. The owner of the vacation property is usually more concerned with paying down a mortgage.

People who are traveling with families will especially notice the cost savings benefits. A family with multiple children may need to rent additional rooms for space. Paying multiple resort room fees for many nights in a row can get very pricey. However, beach home rentals are priced for the rental of the entire property. This gives your larger family more room to relax. Approximately 62% of respondents said they would stay in a vacation rental because they have cheaper rates than hotels.

Better resources

You might find that you spend a significant amount of your travel budget on food and meals. If your hotel is not equipped with a kitchen or the necessary utensils for cooking a meal, you will be required to eat every single meal out. House and condo rentals, however, have full sized kitchens with appliances needed for cooking. They also have full cupboards with cooking tools, pots, pans, and necessary cooking ingredients. This allows you to stock your beach vacation rentals with food items to cut down on food costs.

Better views

Hotels and resorts have to accommodate hundreds, sometimes thousands of guests. A few of the guests will have great views of oceanfront and will be in close proximity to the local beach. The other guests, however, will have to travel down many flights of stairs and may be left with less than appealing views. Beachfront villas give every resident the ability to have beautiful views and easy, quick access to the beachfronts. For this reason, today 22% of leisure travelers have stayed in a vacation home rental as an alternative to a traditional hotel or resort in the past two years, and 24% have stayed in a condominium resort.

Ability to work in privacy

Hotel rooms can feel very cramped after a few days, especially if you have multiple family members staying in single rooms. Family members may feel crowded and stuck together. People who must continue to do work while on vacation may find it difficult to get privacy. Even visiting the on sight office room does not give them the necessary privacy, as it is filled with other guests also needing to work.

Approximately 61% of survey participants said that while they are on vacation, they continue to work. Working on vacation is extremely common, and is in many cases, unavoidable. House and condo rentals often have private work spaces for this reason. If the condo for rent is not equipped with an office, there are likely to be quiet additional bedrooms or spaces that can be used as a work space.

Traveling is a billion dollar industry all over the world. People travel to different states and countries for vacation. In previous years, travelers would stay in large resorts or hotels. Today however, house and condo rentals are becoming the norm. They provide travelers with cost savings, closer amenities, more privacy, the ability to work, and better views. House and condo rentals are likely to increase in popularity as more and more people learn of their advantages over a busy hotel.

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