May 20, 2024

Tips to Choose the Right Dirt Bike

There are different types of dirt bikes to choose from and this video helps you know which type of dirt bike is best for you. The video starts by laying out the disciplines of racing and the bikes that exist.

These are motocross racing, enduro racing, two stroke, and four stroke bikes. The video explains in extensive detail what each type of racing entails and what bike you would need for that particular racing discipline.

Video Source

Enduro racing is less competitive because it can be done when camping with the family as a leisure activity.

The levels of skill sets in racing are talked about and a few bikes are mentioned that match different levels of skills. The ride height of different bikes is talked about, so you know what would suit you better. The video goes on to explain different types of racing bikes and their speeds. The categories of the bikes are provided in terms of their speed and their strokes. This will help paint a picture for you to see which kind of bike you would specifically like. The key differences between motocross, cross country and enduro bikes are mentioned as well.

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