July 24, 2024

Linen napkin rental

As the temperatures have risen in recent weeks, more people are heading outdoors. The warmth, the sunlight, and the blooming flowers all around may even make you feel like celebrating, and you won’t be the only only one.

The spring is a perfect time to throw a party either in your backyard or at a park. The greenery and budding plants can be the right backdrop for your bash, and offer guests a chance to relax in the company of the birds and the bees.

But you have to plan accordingly, as party rentals could be one of the most important parts of the event. Without chair and table rentals, or a party tent rental, you will have nowhere to put the food and drinks, and no place to run for cover if the weather threatens to rain on your party.

Here are three party rentals that you should consider when organizing your soiree.

  1. Party Lighting Rentals. In the daytime, you may not have to worry about lighting, as the sun can provide enough brightness, but if you plan to take your party into the wee hours of the night, you may want to think about how to outline your tent with appropriate lighting. You can hire a company that specializes in outdoor lighting, or you can buy your own Christmas lights to string along the edges of the tent. You may also want to consider buying standing tiki lamps to keep out those pesky mosquitoes, and the flame will add a fun glow to the night sky.
  2. Outdoor Bar Rentals. One of the best parts about a party is that you get to enjoy cocktails with your friends, but finding a place to keep your extensive selection of liqueur, wine and other mixed beverages is not easy. If you rent an outdoor bar, you will have ample space for everything. You could even hire a bartender for the event, and treat your guests to any cocktail of their choice the entire night.
  3. Table Cover Rentals. The tables you get from a party rental company will likely be a bit worn out, and may even have a few stains on them. The same applies to chairs as well, so you may want to talk to the rental company about covers as part of the package. You could also buy your own if you want to save on rental costs, but you can usually find table covers for under $10 per table at most rental companies.

By taking care of these details, your party is sure to be a hit. So usher in the summer with a big celebration, and throw your guests the best party of the year. Reference links: anarpartyrentals.com

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