May 24, 2024

Taking a Closer Look At The Rise Of Recreational Boating All Throughout The United States

From buying a boat to checking out boat rentals as an alternative, there are many ways to enjoy boating here in the United States – and more people interested in enjoying boating and boating activities than ever before. In fact, the numbers of people who boat recreationally have now exceeded eighty seven million people in just this country alone. And this number only factors in the adults, those who are at the age of eighteen or over. When you include all of their kids in this total, it is likely to jump significantly. In fact, by the time the early months of 2017 had passed, more than forty six and half million people replied that they had gone boating within the last year. In the year that has elapsed since, this number has only continued to grow.

There are a number of reasons that people take up boating. For one thing, the vast majority of Americans – up to ninety five percent of them – live within just one hour’s drive or even less from at least one navigable body of water. On top of this, boating has become more accessible than ever before, with up to seventy five percent of all people who own a boat falling firmly in the category of the middle class, making a total household income of one hundred thousand dollars or yes per year. In fact, only just over ten percent of those with a total household income higher than two hundred thousand per year owned a boat.

This can be seen in the number of boat owners all throughout the country. Data shows that by the time the year of 2015 had drawn to a close, nearly twelve million boats were owned all throughout the country. In the few years that have elapsed since, this number has only grown and is only likely to keep on growing. In fact, more than two and half million people say that they are planning to buy their very own boat within the next twelve months, a mere year.

But not everyone who enjoys boating will be looking to buy a boat. After all, boats do require quite a bit of maintenance and storage for said boats can be difficult and exorbitantly expensive. For such people, boat rentals are likely to do the trick. Boat rentals are great for those who are looking to avoid the expenses of owning a boat, but are also ideal for those who only boat occasionally. For those who are only partaking in the activities related to boating once in a while, boat rentals are likely to save them quite a bit of money in the long run.

On top of this, boat rentals can be the ideal choice for people who are traveling. After all, lugging your boat around with you everywhere that you go is certainly not feasible one hundred percent of the time – even if you do want to partake in boating. Boat rentals can come in handy in such circumstances.

Take camping, for example, an activity for which most people pack as light as is possible. Bringing a boat to your camping site is not always possible or even ideal, and boat rentals can allow you the opportunity to still go boating on your camping trip. As this is something that the majority of campers like to do when they go camping, there is clearly a huge market for boat rentals at camping sites all throughout the country.

But if cost is the only standing between you and owning a boat, used boats for sale might provide a solution. A used boat that is kept in good condition could be the best of both worlds, providing a boat of your very own for a drastically reduced cost. However, the quality of said used boat should be thoroughly assessed before a purchase is made, as the new used boat owner might find themselves saddled with a number of necessary repairs that cost a good deal of money in and of themselves if they do not take this step when buying the boat in the first place.

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