May 20, 2024

Renting a Personal Watercraft Is a Fun Way to Spent a Weekend at the Lake

The lake weekends are fading fast.

As more and more people wrap up the last of their times at the lake, the boat rental shops are slowing down, and the towns around these bodies of water are marking down prices. From wakeboarding rentals to pontoon boat rentals, the number of watercraft out on the lake will slow significantly as the days get shorter and the temperatures get lower. This does not mean, however, that lake life comes to a complete standstill, but it does mean that you likely will not need months early reservations for the watercraft rental that you are interested in.

Patio boats and various kinds of personal watercraft are often rented rather than purchased by families who are only able to get to the lake once or twice a summer. For others, of course, boat rentals are less popular. Folks with lake houses own their own boats, jet skis, and other crafts. Visiting local full service marinas for everything from fuel to maintenance, these boat owners also have to make sure that they pay attention to the ways boats must be winterized when cold temperatures arrive.

Lake Life Is the Best Kind of Life

For families with children of all ages, a lake house is a place full of great memories and adventures. From the longest days our on the water and on the beach to the lazy days sitting inside the cabin, a chance to be at the lake is a chance to unplug with technology and reconnect with children, spouses, and other friends and family members. Taking turns planning and preparing meals allows everyone to share in the work and stacks of books provide opportunities to relax and rest.

Although water sports involving various kinds of boat rentals may get much of the attention when it comes to lake weekends, there are also many quiet times that occur off the water.

If you are a parent or grandparent looking to create and maintain family traditions, a lake house may be the perfect solution. Available in any number of price ranges and sizes, lake homes are an increasingly popular option for city folk who want an investment. Providing a place where you can travel for the weekend or the month, days at the lake are often what childhood memories are made of. The first time fishing with grandpa, the morning cups of coffee on the deck watching the sunrise, and the late night conversations around the campfire are activities that are difficult to achieve anywhere else. For this reason, there are families who are more than anxious to return to their lake homes not only for summer vacations, but Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings as well.

Some of the latest research indicates that more than 87 million U.S. adults participate in recreational boating, so it should come as no surprise that many of these people purchase their own boats if they have a lake house. Given that 19.6% of Millennials participate in water sports, it is likely that lake living will continue to be a popular option for many years to come.

What Are Your Family’s Favorite Lake Activities?

Obviously, there are chores that go along with owning a lake house, but for many people weekends or vacations at the lake are a chance to escape the busy days of home, work, school, and activity schedules. Sleeping in or taking a long coffee on the deck in the morning are often the best ways to start the day at the lake. The rest of the day can be filled with everything from fishing to hiking to boating to reading. When the kids are involved, of course, the activity may be a little more exciting, but it is often nice for parents to reconnect with their children of all age when they have the luxury of being at a lake house.

for some families, even a rainy day is a great day. Board games and card games fill long hours when the family is stuck inside and a corner table that always has a jigsaw puzzle can be a popular gathering spot. No matter how you spend you lake days, they are likely to be ones remembered by all.

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