June 13, 2024

Kids Build Their Future With Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic stick n stack

We all know that kids love to play, but the type of playing that a child does determines what kinds of skills and interests they will have has adults. Not surprisingly, research conducted by retail group Argos found that over 60% of architects and designers played with building blocks when they were growing up. This activity primed their brains for the jobs they would have one day.
Now, I?m not saying that every toy a child uses will lead to an inevitable career, but giving kids educational toys will definitely help foster the growth of their brains. In fact, an individual?s brain continues to grow until the age of 18, but the most crucial time is the toddler years.
When children are between the ages of three and five they begin sorting objects by shape, height and color. I can remember playing with Legos when I was that age and I absolutely loved making all kinds of different things. The only problem was that I could only stack the blocks on top of each other. Lame!
Nowadays, building blocks are much more versatile. A child can now build in all directions with magnetic building blocks, and if a parent really does want their kid to become an architect then they can buy a magnetic construction set.
A child thrives when it is allowed to play, uninterrupted, for 45 to 60 minutes. Creative toys for children, such as magnetic building blocks, are perfect for this free play time, during which the child will spend time learning mathematical and spatial principles. If we give our children the right toys they will inevitably use their play time to learn.
Magnetic building toys appear to be exactly what a child?s brain wants to play with to have fun and learn. With the powerful incentive of helping a child?s brain develop, we should make sure that our children have magnetic building blocks in their toy box.

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